2 Smart Leveraging Steps to Increase Your Blogging Profits

Do you know how I create and publish up to 10 or more blog posts daily? I usually scan Quora for questions, answer the questions via guest posts and my blog, and promote my eBooks through each post. Following this strategy allowed me to increase my blogging profits because I thought like an owner, not a user. I own Blogging From Paradise. I set the rules over there, promoting whatever I want to promote. My blogging buddies own their blogs where I guest post. Meaning I can promote my eBooks freely through virtually all of these blogs. I think like an owner. Thinking like owners helps you increase your blogging profits through intelligent leveraging.

2 Smart Leveraging Steps to Increase Your Blogging Profits

Snag a problem. Solve the problem through a platform that gives you freedom of expression AND freedom of promotion to leverage effectively. Profit more freely. It sounds like smart blogging to me.

But most bloggers think like users. Imagine bloggers who answer questions on Quora all day long. Who owns Quora? Not you. You are a Quora user, not a Quora owner. Quora owns all content you – the user – create on the site. Quora allows light promotion in some cases but cracks down on the frequent promotion of eBooks, courses and any premium service. Why spend precious time and energy promoting Quora when you can promote yourself on your blog and make more money? True; Quora offers you a massive global audience to reach. Spend a little time and energy answering Quora questions if you prefer but spend most time and energy creating on owned blogs where you promote your premium offerings frequently and make more money.

Observe the offline world. Owners invest money in real estate and collect rent from tenants. Who makes the most money? Owners collecting rent. Renters, or, users, pay for shelter – necessary – but do not profit like owners do. Owners almost always profit more than users or renters because owners boost their passive profits exponentially on a long term basis. Users do not set rules; owners set rules.

Think like an owner. Create on your real estate where you set rules and promote your business products and services as often as you’d like. Stop thinking like users. Users fall subject to obeying owner laws, losing precious opportunities to promote business products and services on sites like Quora. I leverage my business by spending the majority of my time and energy answering questions on cyber real estate I or my friends own. I help my buddies by boosting their passive traffic and profits and my buddies help me by allowing me to increase my blog traffic and profits. We both think like owners to succeed.

Think of the classic link from the movie Wall Street: “What’s worth doing, is worth doing for money.”

Never worship money or greedily chase money but think like an owner; if you live a worldly life, and help people, you may as well receive a neutral means of exchange called “money” to help people, to help yourself and to be above the pain and misery of poverty. Even though I study and perform Kriya yoga daily, I will never be like Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar, or any guru beyond money and other worldly pursuits. That is OK. I do not worship money but I simply help people freely and spend my time and energy on blogs where me and my buddies own the real estate, so I profit while helping folks.

Think like an owner, not a user, to accelerate your blogging success.


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