Forgive Yourself if You Need to Trash a Blog

I recall assailing myself during a few moments when I trashed my old blog to begin Blogging From Paradise 6 years ago. Big time self-loathing going on for a few minutes. How could I be so stupid to devote 5 years to a blog I would eventually delete? Wow. How much time did I waste, eh? I quickly forgave myself and moved forward. Such is life for bloggers who let go of the past.

Forgive Yourself if You Need to Trash a Blog

Most bloggers trash one, two or more blogs during their journey because we gain clarity along the way. Newbies begin blogging a bit afraid of the process. Human beings behave that way; picture wild-eyed excitement, fear, some greed and a dash of desperation tossed in, too. During early blogging days you discover if you chose the right niche or perhaps you did not choose wisely. Smart bloggers drop a losing blog pronto. Stubborn bloggers cling to lost blogs for years. Genuine fools hold on to a losing blogging proposition for a decade or longer. How do you view your blog? Do you love blogging? Do you enjoy blogging about your niche? Never cling to an old, worn-out blog. Forgive yourself, trash the old blog, buy a new domain name and move forward. Readers will love you. Google will love you too.

Possibility awaits you. Opportunities lie in the tall grass. Forgive yourself for choosing a blog topic you no longer enjoy blogging about and move on. Bloggers ruin their online careers for years because most entrepreneurs struggle to forgive themselves for making a poor decision or for outgrowing a blogging niche. I enjoyed blogging about making money online for a few years, genuinely. But I soon tired of the niche. 2-3 years after feeling worn out, I forgave myself for clinging to my old blog and trashed that sucker. I bought my new domain name. Blogging From Paradise became my new blog. Six years later, I love blogging. My niche works for me. Passion flows through my being. I have no need to do anything else online save help people to blog successfully. Everything changed the moment I forgave myself of those 2-3 years of dull, largely lifeless, blogging. Hug your humanity. Forgive yourself for making unwise, unsound decisions. Trash your blog. Move on. Maybe you buy a domain name. Or perhaps you step away from blogging. Forgiving yourself seems like the logical first step to moving forward because stubborn people who criticize themselves never release their old, worn-out blogs.

How can you let go an old blog if you spend time and energy beating yourself up? Nobody cares about your mistakes. We want you to be happy. Stop holding on to an old, worn out, losing blog. People sense your lack of enthusiasm. No blogger fools their readers because every human feels your genuine energy, however you choose to feel most of the time. Let it go. Do a redirect. Trash your old blog. Make room for your new blog. Buy your domain and hosting. Never look back.

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