Why Asking Questions on Quora Should Never Be Your Prime Source of Blogging Knowledge

I know many awesome, skilled, knowledgeable bloggers who offer excellent advice on Quora.

I often see these folks on their blogs, Twitter and Facebook too.

But anybody can join Quora. Re-read that. Anybody. Even worse? Anyone can answer questions on Quora. Inexperienced, new bloggers who have no idea what they are doing, and what they are talking about, often offer terrible, inaccurate, failing blogging advice on Quora. Imagine being a new blogger; you feel lost and hopeless, sometimes, knowing nothing about blogging. So you ask a question on Quora and sift through answers. Who do you trust? Many new, struggling bloggers trust the dumbest advice from fellow struggling bloggers because doing so feels like an easy, quick painless way to succeed. 3 weeks later, the struggling blogger learns that asking questions on Quora should never be your prime source of blogging knowledge after their struggles and failures accelerate and grow.

Prime Source of Blogging Knowledge

Getting terrible blogging advice from fools is way too easy on Quora. Plus…

You Get What You Pay For

You get what you pay for. Do you want the best blogging advice? Buy my eBook.  Invest $20 in the best blogging advice from a pro blogger who has 10 years of blogging experience. You get what you pay for.

But on Quora, you pay 0 dollars for blogging advice from strangers. You are too lazy or ignorant to actually spend your time vetting bloggers, by visiting their blogs and learning about these folks. Nope. If you want something as important as vital blogging advice for free, you will get a mix of terrible advice and solid advice, having no idea who to trust. Toss in the fact that top bloggers rarely offer their most in-depth content on Quora – we do that through our blogs, products and services – and again, you get what you pay for. Spending zero dollars often gives you terrible blogging advice.

Follow Blogs and Bloggers

Follow top blogging tips *blogs* and top blogging tips bloggers to get the best, most critical, most successful blogging advice. Read blog posts. Take notes. Buy eBooks. Buy courses. Take notes. Study notes. If you have a specific blogging question, email the top blogger or ask on social media or just Google the question, to find top bloggers who answer these queries through blog posts.  I have answered thousands of blogging questions through my eBooks, blog posts, videos and podcasts. The answers are out there but you need to dig a little bit, to get ’em.

See Quora for what it is; a solid Q and A site yielding decent advice for the most basic blogging questions, and, terrible advice for the most basic blogging questions. Do you know, like and trust people who answer questions on Quora? Are these folks top bloggers? Guaranteed, you need to visit their blog anyway, to do due diligence on folks. You may as well cut to the chase and have your blogging question answered via a top blogger, through their blog content or premium offerings.

Asking questions on Quora is like eating appetizers sitting out in the sun for too long; a gamble, as although the appetizer may taste OK you are likely to get sick and vomit from one that spoils. Researching blogging through trusted, top blogs and bloggers is like enjoying an 8 course meal in a 5 star restaurant. You will enjoy a dazzling meal and savor the experience.

Never make Quora the prime source of your blogging due diligence.

Follow top blogging tips bloggers to go to the source.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. A new blogger should treat his blog as a business. I have seen many new bloggers think that they will get to know each and everything on quora. Which concerns me a lot. If you wanna success in blogging then follow pro bloggers like Vk and Ryan.Thank you, Ryan, for discussing this.

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