1 Underrated Aspect of Networking

Do you know how many blogging tribes I have found through my friend Network? The number would shock you. I had no idea of any blogging tribes before I made friends through blogging by being generous. After I became generous and helpful with other bloggers, my blogging buddies began to invite me to various tribes through Facebook groups, through Twitter and also through the Triberr. This aspect of networking is completely ignored by almost all bloggers because people think in terms of traffic and profits and business and give little thought to this gem of networking.


Do you know how much exposure and business and traffic I have gained through blogging tribes? Quite a bit. But I never would have known about most if not all of these blogging tribes unless my friends told me about the tribes and invited me into the groups. I needed to network in order to make friends so the friends told me about the tribes. But it even goes deeper than that. Some blogging friends only invite trusted blogging buddies into exclusive groups. I belong to a travel blogging tribe only for top-shelf bloggers. You need serious skills, connections, a loyal following and a trusted friend who was already a tribe member, in order to gain an invite into the tribe. This shows why most bloggers struggle because they are on the outside looking in. Not networking leads to all types of blogging struggle and failure but networking helps you gain admission into exclusive tribes, if you are working on your blogging skills.

I was invited to write or The Huffington Post by a dear blogging buddy. He loved my blogging skills but trusted me as a blogging buddy so he extended the invite to me. Do you see why it is so important to make friends by being generous through blogging? Most bloggers try to blog solo and slam into hard resistance quickly. Nobody can move forward trying to do it by themselves because you need friends for support, inspiration, credibility and also to gain invites into desired blogging tribes that can expand your reach quite quickly and easily if you are a generous entrepreneur.

Do not try to manipulate bloggers into giving you something. This is a massive mistake that backfires in your face every single time because top bloggers have seen your lame approach and spam your emails instantly. Try building a successful blogging business or a thriving blogging network of buddies from a spam folder. I dare you. But being generous by promoting other bloggers and by commenting genuinely blogs opens doors for you that lead to sweet blogging friendships and those friendships lead to invites in some pretty heavy, respected blogging tribes.

I see blogging buddies being like Google. Blogging buddies can show you aspects of blogging or tribes that you were previously unaware of. My blogging friend network showed me tribes I never had to Google for. You can either try to rely on things to become successful or you can genuinely befriend people by being nice and helpful and those friends will help you become successful. I prefer to go with human beings because humans are more trustworthy than things like Google, etc.

Build blogging friendships today by helping top bloggers and by asking for nothing in return. Expect nothing. Ask for nothing. Prove to top bloggers that you are interested in them, not in what they can do for you. Gain their trust. Earn credibility in their eyes. Eventually, when you are surrounded by an army of loyal, loving bloggers, these folks will give you access to all types of blogging tribes that can accelerate your success in a wonderful way. The secret is to be generous and to keep building your blogging buddy network. Do not hold back. Do not be stingy. Do not try to blog on your own. Blogging buddies will introduce you to this highly overlooked aspect of having a large network if you network generously.


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