Do You Undervalue Your Blogging Skills?

I came across this tweet a few moments ago.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Never undervalue your own talents and skills. Just because something’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. via @DonCooper #life #business” quote=”Never undervalue your own talents and skills. Just because something’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. via @DonCooper #life #business”]

Don Cooper is dead on. Blogging-wise, I lived this terrible limiting belief for years. I just could not believe people would give me $10 an hour for blog coaching, even though I knew blogging inside-out. Naturally, I totally undervalued my talents, charged peanuts and ran into financial issues. I also did a poor job promoting my products and services because secretly, I had no belief that folks would buy this stuff. I believed that since blogging came easily to me, that nobody would actually pay money for my premium stuff, because it must come easy to them, too.

I was nobody special. I did nothing special. The things that seemed easy to me blogging-wise must have come easily to every other blogger too. But this was not true. Being honest with myself and owning my limiting beliefs, I soon discovered that I was highly talented. Then some folks began saying I was one of the top bloggers on earth. I could tell they were not lying to me. Honest and genuine in nature, these folks saw something in me I did not see in myself, until I DID see it.

Now, I am humble, a generous servant. But goodness gracious; you better believe I charge for my premium services and promote the stuffing out of what I do business-wise because much of what comes very easily to me does not come easily to most bloggers. I also made the neat realization; certain blogging skills come easily to me because I practiced blogging for 20,000 hours. Most bloggers do not practice that much, so these folks have not my skills, and willingly hire me and buy my stuff to access those skills.

Take my eBook:

How to Commit to Your Goals 1000%

I am all in on being fully committed to my goals. But to many people, this level of commitment does not feel too easy. I commit naturally and easily now after many thousands of hours of meditating, yoga and generous service to people. But if you find it hellishly difficult to commit, buy the eBook. I find it easy to be ALL IN. I teach you how to make it easier to commit to your goals. But I had to make this realization that much of what I did easily, seems incredibly difficult to most bloggers. People spend money to make their life easier.

Making this realization helped me value my talents and skills deeply. I began building up my income streams. Plus I charged a premium for my products and services. I valued my skills enough to where I began to make a real living doing what I loved doing and receiving money for service rendered.

Even better? I promoted myself freely. Gone were the days of hiding my eBooks, courses, audio books and paperbacks. I could help people freely by promoting myself freely so my readers, customers and clients could learn that eventually, they could develop their skills to where blogging came easily to them, too.

If something comes easily to you, and others seem to struggle with that skill, you are a fool if you do not charge money for the skill. Especially if you struggle financially, you are a bit loony if you have prodigious skills and choose not to build a business around these talents. As Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street, “what’s worth doing, is worth doing for money”. This simply means that if you are good at something and it provides value and benefits to others, just receive money for it so you can be free of common financial worries plaguing humanity.

Money is a neutral means of exchange. Value your blogging skills, charge money for your products and services and live abundantly by allowing more money into your experience.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

1 thought on “Do You Undervalue Your Blogging Skills?”

  1. Hi Ryan it’s so true that people vastly undervalue their skills and ability’s/ I think it’s because of personal internal insecure ities that manifest that way.
    TThe other example is when there are two bloggers, and one is just starting out and his blog is one week old; and the other has been blogging for 5+ years and is successful.
    AAnd then the first blogger start comparing their first step with the other blogger-s 100-th step, but they frame the comparison like this:
    T”this person is better and more successful than me”.
    LLearning to respect yourself according to your unique situation in life- it’a s very hard thing to master. I know because I struggled a lot but now, I hinkI have it beat, or at least under control:)

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