How Should You Pick a Topic for Your Blog?

Follow your passion.

Solve a problem.

Chapter 3 of my eBook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

breaks down how to pick your blog topic.

I suggest you engage in a quick 1-2 punch of following your passion and solving a problem through that tactic. For example, I love circling the globe. I also enjoy blogging. I feel passionate about these 2 topics. But what problem could I solve by following these passions? How could I help people?

How Should You Pick a Topic for Your Blog

After carefully observing bloggers over the past 10 years, I finally discovered during my travels how most travel bloggers struggled horribly to drive blogging profits. Most travel bloggers had to return home to work a full time job just to fund their travels. I recall one blogger who I met whose sponsored post and ad revenue dried up completely. She was out of options, scrambling for income. Instantly, I saw a pressing problem: most travel bloggers are amateurs who desire to become pros. Blogging From Paradise was born.

I would help bloggers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. No longer would bloggers need to struggle. I could share smart, sound blogging tips for building your blogging success on a rock solid foundation. My passion, combined with my problem-solving, formed a powerful 1-2 punch that allowed me to pick an in-demand blog topic.

Imagine if I just blogged about my passion all day long? Some people would resonate with the passion but I would lose most folks. But if I just solved a problem without passion, I would engage in a soul-less endeavor. Plus I would likely quit because if you lack passion, you lack the fuel for your blogging journey. I needed to mix the two to pick a topic that vibed with me, and a topic that vibed with my audience.

Both Parties Need to Be Happy

Imagine if I blogged my passion but did not think of what my audience wanted? People would tune me out. Imagine if I blogged on a topic that vibed with my audience but that I hated? I sure don’t win. Find a passion you love covering and solve a problem your audience needs solving, and feels strongly about.

Think of a happy blogging medium where both sides find happiness, meeting in the middle.

What About Profitable Niches?

Do you enjoy blogging on a profitable niche? Cover that topic because you enjoy covering the topic. But never chase a niche for profits alone because you never make newbie blogger money; no skills yet. If you do not see money, you lose your driver, and quit. This is why you never want to choose a blog topic based on your profit potential alone. Plus these fast-moving niches often peter out fast so chasing dollars often leads in a quick but temporary flame out, a few bucks here, but the profits vanish, for good, after the profit surge.

Study Top Bloggers

Happy top bloggers love their gig and also love solving a specific problem for readers. Follow their lead. Top bloggers always lead you in the right direction. If they choose a topic based on some idea they enjoy and if they have fun solving a specific reader problem, you should follow their glowing example. These pros became successful for a good reason. Take notes. Prosper.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

3 thoughts on “How Should You Pick a Topic for Your Blog?”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    Thank you very much for sharing the experiences of your blogging journey and for giving us the best advice. Yes, you are 100% correct about profitable blog niches, and most newcomers fall into that trap including me. However, I should say that earning real money from my blog was not my first intention. I wanted to improve my writing skills just by writing. That is why I started my blog.
    However, keep doing that without having a financial gain is very hard. So, thank you very much for sharing this inspirational post with guidance. We always want to learn from experts like you.
    And I’m planning to buy your book and the course soon.

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