Why Generic Traffic Booster Threads Do Not Grow Your Traffic and Profits

I just spent time sifting through a traffic booster thread on a Facebook Group.

One post related to pregnancy.

One post related to Instagram for travel bloggers.

One post related to modeling.

One post related to goodness knows what else.

Everybody in the Facebook Group – all 40,000 members – has a billion different interests. How many people interested in a pregnancy post saw the post on the traffic booster thread? Probably zero people. Maybe one expectant mother. How many bloggers in the group of people were hungry for Instagram tips for travel bloggers? Maybe 2.

Why Generic Traffic Booster Threads Do Not Grow Your Traffic and Profits

Can you see why Facebook Group traffic booster threads do virtually nothing for increasing lasting traffic and profits for your blog? Nobody targets via these threads. No hungry, buying, highly interested human beings find you through these threads. When people join a Facebook Group related to blogging, 99.9999999% of human beings joining the group have the prime intent to get more blog traffic and to get more blogging profits. If 39,990 people joined the group to get more blog traffic and to get more blogging profits, why in the hell would any blogger who just wants more blog traffic and more blogging profits care about being pregnant, or, Instagram, or, goodness knows all those blog topics discussed?


A group of bloggers desperate to get traffic and money doesn’t care about anything other than getting more traffic and money. DUH! Why in the heck would you actually believe a blogger desperate to get more traffic and money would care about your arts and crafts blog post for kids?

Can you understand why bloggers foolishly waste months of their time trying to boost traffic through threads of human beings who care only about getting blog traffic and profits for themselves? Nobody cares about you, your blog and your blog post topic.

The Smart Approach

Write helpful blog posts covering topics in your blogging niche.

Publish helpful guest posts on blogs related to your niche.

Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche.

Promote other bloggers from your niche on your blog and through social media.

Be generous.

Be genuine.

Being generous increases both your skills and your online exposure. Skilled bloggers with substantial exposure get a lotta blog traffic and profits because they are in 10,000 places at once, or more, literally. If you are in even 500 places at once, now, with every spot pointing to your blog link, you drive 1 or 4 or 50 people to your blog in terms of traffic, and that number increases organically, over time. Plus, because you are creating helpful, targeted content, showing off your skills, and because you build meaningful friendships with other bloggers in your niche, this is highly targeted traffic that keeps increasing and that buys your product or hires you.

Being creative, generous and prolific in the right spots, persistently, creates blogging empires.

Every highly successful blogger promotes their success by being generous in the right spots. Help people for free and you will see:

  • a steady boost in blog traffic
  • a highly targeted blog traffic campaign
  • steadily increasing blogging profits
  • greater blog exposure
  • greater brand exposure
  • more interview opportunities flow your way
  • more guest post opportunities flow your way

Leave Facebook Group traffic boosting threads behind because in almost all cases, these threads are entirely worthless. From my experience, even highly targeted traffic boosting threads yield lukewarm results as far as real organic traffic increases and big blogging profits increases.

Be generous.

Be persistent.

Increase your traffic organically and exponentially over time by doing blogging the old fashioned way.



Generously help bloggers.

Trust in the process.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “Why Generic Traffic Booster Threads Do Not Grow Your Traffic and Profits”

  1. Relevancy is key, as in writing article for Google, as in participating in FB groups.
    If your blog is not relevant to what the group is about, you’re wasting your time and you’re spamming that group.
    Best to leave and find a better way to attract visitors to your site, like genuine blog commenting.
    Right, Ryan?

  2. Hi Ryan
    You are right, especially if they not comment and only share 🙂 it does bring nothing.
    This is why I wanted you to write about commenting and you did. And I did too, I believe
    it brings more than a traffic booster thread on a Facebook Group for serious bloggers.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I have never been interested in sharing blog posts in Facebook groups. Building a community is something different; you gather like-minded people into a group, but sharing blog posts in the groups is a no-go.

    I agree with your point about promoting and connecting with other bloggers in the niche.

    Plus, look, it happens at some point: if you post 30 blog posts, one of them is going to get traction, even if you are not a pro. It’ll happen sooner or later. I don’t understand why people are so impatient about blog traffic and statistics.

    Great post.

    P.S. Hi Vishwajeet, it’s a fantastic blog. Keep up the good work.

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