1 Tip to Develop Your Blogging Mindset

I feel tired. A bit run down. But I blog. I am not working hard per se. But I am leaving my comfort zone to write this guest post. Why? I enjoy blogging. I also know leaving my comfort zone is one way to develop my blogging mindset.

1 Tip to Develop Your Blogging Mindset

 I spend plenty of time meditating, doing yoga and exercising daily. Each develops my blogging mindset. But leaving my comfort zone develops my success consciousness during work. Spending time in quiet is important to expand your awareness. We need silence to see, feel and release our fears. We know this. I have gone over it many times. But leaving your comfort zone while blogging develops the skill of nudging into fear. This may be the number one skill you need to develop as a professional blogger. Nobody succeeds in blogging inside of their comfort zone. Success sits on the other side of fear. Success sits well outside of your comfort zone. Accept this fact.

 Did you leave your blogging comfort zone today? Or did you remain comfortable? How did you push your limits? Or did you resist facing fears today?  Success find bloggers who leave their comfort zone daily. Failure finds all other bloggers. I tend to think like a winner because I fear dive. No joke. On a daily basis, I ease into new fears. This develops my blogging mindset because I face, observe, and feel blogging fears which hold me back. Letting go of the fears allows me to blog from an abundant, generous and loving energy. Perfect mindset for succeeding.

 Develop your blogging mindset now. Do something that scares you. Nudge to fear. Don’t beat it over the head with blunt force trauma. Just ease into it. Do live broadcasts scare you? Broadcast for 2 minutes now. Nudge into the fear.  I am broadcasting on Twitter again, live. For years I have avoided the platform. Spammers and other nasty folks seem to comment on my videos. But I got back into Twitter live broadcast the other day on an intuitive nudge. Trust your gut. Ease into fear.  Feel fear. Release fear. Think, act and blog like a successful blogger. See successful blogging results.

 Fear diving makes you largely fearless. Being largely fearless, you blog from an abundant, success conscious energy. Being generous and acting abundantly come second nature if you blog from a more fearless, predominantly abundant, energy. Struggles and failure only ensue if you blog from within your comfort zone. Success conscious bloggers leave their comfort zone routinely. Follow this crowd. Do something that scares you with your blog today. 

Are you afraid to buy my blogging mindset eBook? Buy it.  Be bold. Make the move. Gently move in to fear. Feel the fear. However unpleasant. Proceed from a more fearless predominant energy. This energy or mindset develops your awareness to where you regularly move forward outside of your comfort zone. You can meditate, do yoga and pray until you are blue in the face. All aid you in developing a prosperity consciousness. But exiting your comfort zone is a chief way to purge your fears and to develop your success consciousness organically. Nothing like doing uncomfortable, scary things to think, feel and act like a successful blogger so you see successful results.

Be gentle with yourself. Ease into fear. Do not barrel wildly into fear because this signifies force and force negates. No blogger succeeds happily using force because fear drives you too deeply. Be uncomfortable, but allow love and the fun of blogging to drive you. Follow your passion into scary problems. Scary problems dissolve. Take it easy. But do keep nudging into fear.

 The quickest way to develop your blogging mindset so you go from failure consciousness to success consciousness is to exit your comfort zone on a daily basis. So do it! 

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

1 thought on “1 Tip to Develop Your Blogging Mindset”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    A good blogging mindset is a fearless one. “Do something every day that scares you.” is a great way to improve not only your blogging mindset, but your whole being too. I can look back at my own blogging journey and think of all the things I was fearful off in the beginning, but I kept on doing all that stuff that scared me.
    When we do develop that kind of mindset, everything becomes a little easier in our entire lifestyle.

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