How Much Time Does It Take to Drive Significant Blog Traffic?

Instead of thinking about the time question, think about this:

“How much generous effort doing intelligent blogging things does it require to see steady blog traffic?”

Think less about a specific time frame and more about how to help people through your blog. No one has a clear answer on how long it takes to drive 1,000 people to your blog daily but generously creating content and building connections for hundreds to thousands of hours brings increasing success. 100 people visit your blog today. 24 people visit your blog tomorrow. 1400 people visit your blog by the end of the month. Time is not a key factor. Generously creating content across multiple channels, befriending top bloggers by helping them and trusting in self and in the blogging process promotes your blogging success.

How Much Time Does It Take to Drive Significant Blog Traffic

Learn how to create helpful content. Listen to your readers. Tune in to their problems. Solve their problems with 600 to 1000 word blog posts. Publish 1 or more posts weekly. Be seen. Be generous. Comment genuinely on blogs and promote bloggers on your blog to befriend bloggers. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Relax. Success flows to you. Remove the time element because conservatively, if you generously help people, expect to blog for at least 500 to 1000 hours or more before hundreds to thousands of people visit your blog daily. Do you think crossing days off a calendar at day’s end makes sense as far as a timing strategy? Nope. Focus on helping people. Get lost in the process of aiding readers. Put in service. Focus less on time and more on helping people. Success will find you.

Maintain a calm, relaxed, generous vibe in all you do. Chill bloggers become prolific. Prolific bloggers increase their skills and exposure to epic levels. Numbers as far as traffic and profits take care of themselves if you take care of your readers. Fall in love with the process versus estimating a time frame for success to know the secret of success. Time is time. Time can elapse on a clock but if you do unintelligent stuff you never succeed online. Time can elapse on a clock but if you do not blog, failure follows. Time can elapse on a clock, but if you work from a stingy, strained, forced, afraid energy, failure follows. Time is time. Generous service precedes blogging success but the time frame varies for bloggers. Know virtually all bloggers generously blog for thousands of hours before driving 1000 to 10,000 daily visitors or more. Spend years – thousands of hours spread out – helping people generously, relaxing, trusting in yourself and trusting in the blogging process. Traffic will flow to you in increasing amounts.

Focusing heavily on the time factor leads to online business burnout. Bloggers try hard to get as much done in unrealistically short time frames, promoting exhaustion, struggle and failure. Slow down. Calm down. Follow the example of pro bloggers. Adopt the generous, patient, persistent vibe of top bloggers. Nobody succeeds overnight but bloggers prosper by taking a long term, relaxed, generous approach to blogging.

Spectacular results meet bloggers who put in a spectacular effort over a spectacular time frame. Compare the few hundred hours most bloggers work before quitting to the spectacular, eye-popping, 10,000 to 20,000 generous hours top pro bloggers put into blogging. Do you see what I mean? Do you see why these pros become the top bloggers on earth? Fabulous results follow a fabulously persistent, patient, generous effort.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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