Blogging Is Like Riding a Bike

Imagine an old school, heavy bike. I see such bikes in the US sometimes and abroad quite a bit. I even rode one in Vietnam for 2 months to traverse the rice field.

Old school, heavy bicycles require a hefty amount of effort-energy to get going. Pedaling hard feels exhausting sometimes. But building momentum helps you make it easier down the road. I recall peddling in steamy hot 120 degree F heat indexes in Vietnam – felt like 49 C – but after the major work, I coasted. I even coasted up a hill during some rice field trips. Putting in 5 minutes of hard biking felt rough but coasting for minutes – especially downhill – felt easy.

Blogging Is Like Riding a Bike

Blogging seems similar. Expand time frames. Generously create and connect for hundreds to thousands of hours. Imagine pedaling hard during some of those days. Some days you love the ride. Other days, you question your sanity. But work you completed is done, for good, and you never need to do that work again. Think about that. Putting in hundreds to thousands of hours of work feels incredibly uncomfortable sometimes but success momentum builds slowly, steadily, to exponential levels. Coasting for 4 minutes when the super heavy bike gains critical momentum is like being in 100,000 spots after 3 years of generous, intelligent work. People see you seemingly everywhere and not only does blogging feel easier and easier due to your years of practice, taking 1 day or 1 week off does nothing to diminish your blogging business. Remember; you’re already in 100,000 spots. The work you completed does not need to be completed again.

Sure you and I do new blogging work most days but those thousands of hours you put in prior give you skills, exposure, and credibility enough to boost your traffic and profits even on auto-pilot, for a short break, based on the success momentum you built during tough times. Take breaks. Avoid online burnout. Be generous to boost your popularity. But take a breather here and there; allow your success momentum from years of generous, smart, trusting work to inspire your business to grow based on the success momentum principle. I advise you keep having fun helping people to leverage and expand and yes, to keep your foot on the blogging pedal to keep building success momentum when you largely feel good, but, take a chill pill here and there to let your former work to bear fruit.

Far from resting on your laurels, you and I are humans, not robots. I felt achy and quite sore after meditating and doing Kriya yoga today. By mid-afternoon, I had chills. Of course, I needed to go to bed for a bit because I listen to my body but doing so felt easier based on my exposure and skills developed from thousands of hours of blogging work. I pedaled on the old school bicycle. Now, the bicycle coasts without my effort sometimes. Rest. Relax. Enjoy life. Never identify with your blogging business. Enjoy a rich, diverse life, well-rounded to live a life of freedom.

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by Ryan Biddulph
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2 thoughts on “Blogging Is Like Riding a Bike”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    You should try the royal Enfield here in India,Evey a bulky guy like me face issues with it. Same like the blogging mindset right ? Haha. Jokes apart.
    I took 15 minutes to think what should I comment.
    I know good post ,nice post, commandable , motivated .. you get these a lot .
    So why not add some values with my first blog comment of this week?
    A struggling blogger should get rid of his new Bloggers fear ASAP. And it order to make that happen he/she should
    Identify the top 10 blogging challanges .
    Leran them, if not possible . Get an expert.
    Eliminate everything that is stopping them to write a blog right at this moment. And believe in the compound interest formula.
    That’s all for now .

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