Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial 2020

Since we are living in a world full of digitization and advancement, which is the reason that every business requires organic traffic for the same. The same process can be undertaken with the help of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is also referred to as SEO which is mainly a step by step procedure that affects the presence of a web page on the website. This procedure is known as the natural or organic way of bringing in results. SEO is a method that involves numerous activities for leveling up the ranking position on the search engine and increasing the traffic of the website. All kinds of local SEO service are undertaken under the working of digital marketing, wherein, we can make way towards the optimization and various other forms of work.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial 2020

Types of SEO

For the best working procedure, there are three types of SEO measures:

Technical SEO – This is the one that involves the crawling and indexing process.

On-Page SEO- This is the one which involves the optimization of content

Off-page SEO- This is the one that involves the promotion of a website.

Talking broadly about the same-

On-Page SEO

This is an on-page optimization technique, where you can add on keyword phrases on the title tag plus the meta description. There is also a requirement of keyword phrases included in the main content present on every web page. The process focuses on the website content, usage of keywords in the title as well, structure of sites, headings, internal as well as external links and so much more. The tasks carried out by on-page SEO are as follows:

1. Title and Meta Tags 

The meta titles and descriptions should be distinctive for every page, no matter what.

  • The length for the same should be 50-65 characters.
  • The length of the description tag should be more than 170 characters
  • The same should include keywords in a natural form.

2. Anchor Text 

  • All the links must be as per the anchor text only.
  • Make sure to add a title on the anchor text
  • There should be the usage of broad keywords as the anchor text
  • Avoid the usage of exact keywords on the anchor text
  • Various other measures are used in the process like

3. Optimization of image

4. Content optimization

5. Internal linking

6. XML sitemap

7. Robots.txt

Off-Page SEO

This process of digital marketing involves the performing of particular tasks that have to be undertaken outside the web pages for increasing the search engine positions. Various things need to be kept in mind for off-page SEO as well. It is basically the integration of search engine optimization factors that can easily be managed by the creator of the website as the creator has started a backlink, post content on the other similar and thematic website.

You can make way for the following techniques below on off-page SEO like:

  • Guest blogging
  • Link Building
  • PDF Links
  • Resource Link Building
  • PDF Links
  • Forums
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Creating and sharing slide and videos

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a procedure of optimization of websites so that they can be crawled and the indexing phase. It is referred to as “technical” because of the reason that it does not hamper the original content of the website or any other part of the website. The main goal of the technical search engine optimization is to undertake the optimization of the infrastructure. Even some of the popular shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc are using the same process for the greatest search engine ranking.

The structure and plan

There is no doubt about the fact that the search engines are intelligent. At the same time, we are also aware of the fact that they are humans, not software and it is quite easy for them to read content as per their wishes. So, if you are thinking of making your website complex, then it will be difficult for the search engine as they will not be able to understand the content properly. Also, indexing will not be done efficiently which can conclude in the lower ranking of the website.

Methods of SEO

Scroll below to check out the measures: 

  • It is necessary for researching keywords as per your business only.
  • Identification of competitors, the amount of competition, and the usage of benchmark measures are important as well.
  • There can be the addition of descriptive titles for each and every page
  • Usage of apt keywords in the content and the internal hyperlinks are helpful
  • Make sure to use text links in the content, as and when it is beneficial.
  • Try to attain inbound links from various websites
  • Learn and gather more about the search engine techniques of marketing
  • Better avoid Javascript and Jquery
  • Ensure the minimization of loading time
  • Do not involve extensive usage of image organized navigation
  • Try the usage of web search on the website
  • Implementation of equality link building campaign is beneficial
  • Be consistent in checking out the rankings or the keywords that are targeted
  • Take advantage of Quora for ranking the content indirectly
  • Implementation of quality links to establish campaigns
  • Continuation in the analysis of monitoring the rankings for targeted surfed terms
  • Try the addition of quality content


Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO


White Hat SEO refers to compliance with the guidelines of the search engine as they can be helpful in the improvisation of search engine rankings.

Black Hat SEO refers to the method of improving the procedure of search engine optimization. However, it is not approved by the search engines.

De Index

In white hat SEO, there is no risk of getting penalized or de-indexing of the website

In black hat SEO, the technique has the possibility of banning the website, and there is a risk of getting penalized from the search engines.


In white hat SEO, you are free to concentrate on the quality content and add on content that is similar and engaging for the targeted audience.

In black hat SEO, there is no need to care about the quality content.


It is the best method for any organization, no matter what as the companies are looking for long term investments.

The companies or organizations that are looking for speedy and quick fund returns can use the black hat SEO technique.


In white hat SEO, complete focus is undertaken on the optimum utilization of keywords on the meta tags, titles, descriptions, and body of the content as well.

In black hat SEO, the keyword density is leveled up for getting high search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting

SEO copywriting is referred to as the technique of writing a text on the web page in a simple way that can be read by the user easily. The main aim is to target particular search terms. There is also an aim to rank higher on the search engines for the searched terms that are targeted on the search engine. Content marketing is beneficial for the optimization of on-page elements for the targeted search terms that are special. This involves the inclusion of meta description, title, headings, keyword tags and more.

Importance of quality content in SEO

  • Some of the reasons how is quality content necessary for search engine optimization
  • Fake content leads to a lower quality indicator as per the quality point of view.
  • Boilerplate is also regarded as a spun content that is another low based quality indicator.
  • Addition of something distinctive on the website, so that other people can be attracted to the site.
  • Good quality content inspires a lot of people and other webmasters for the creation of a user’s link on the website.
  • In case, the visitor website begins to rely on the user’s website and is looking forward to the next content update, then it is necessary to visit the site regularly.
  • The net users click on the pages whose content index is attractive and interesting.