Recover SQL Database From Emergency Mode to Normal Mode Manually

If you are an SQL Server user and your database got marked as an emergency mode. Then you are on the right page, I am going to discuss the most search query from SQL Server users i.e. “ How to recover SQL Database from Emergency Mode to Normal Mode”.When you face your SQL database get suspected, then you become unable to access it. Users need to wait until the database return to normal mode and this situation becomes worse while you forgot to take a backup of that data.

Recover SQL Database From Emergency Mode to Normal Mode Manually

This guide will provide a workaround to recover the SQL database from Emergency Mode to Normal Mode. But first, let us know the reason for such a condition in SQL Server.

Reasons for SQL Server Database in Emergency Mode

Let’s have a look at the facts that give rise to such circumstances. Some of the most common causes are listed below:

  • Corruption in Transaction Log File – When transaction logfile goes missing or becomes damaged, the database comes in Emergency mode.
  • SQL Database Corruption – The main cause of this issue is often the corruption in the SQL database itself.
  • Virus or Trojan Attack – Any virus or malware attack can also be responsible for the SQL server database is in Emergency mode.

Method to Recover Database from Emergency Mode in SQL Server

If you have a backup of data, then you can access it. Otherwise, the only way to access the data to turn on the emergency mode for the database. In order to  recover the database from emergency mode to normal mode go through these steps:

1. Confirm the Suspected status of SQL Database

Users can check it by using the below command to access data from the database. If the database has turned into a suspected one, the command will result in an error message.

SELECT * FROM database_name. . table_name

2. Enable Emergency Mode for SQL Server

Once you are sure about the suspect mode, then you have to put the database in the emergency mode. For that, use this command:

ALTER DATABASE database_name SET Emergency

3. Repair SQL Database

While the emergency mode is on, users need to repair SQL Server Database. This repair will help to remove all the inconsistencies responsible for the suspected mode. In order to do that, the database should be turned into a single-user mode. Users need to follow these steps very carefully as there are high chances of data alteration.





4. Switch the Database Back to Multi-user


5.Online the database

Run this command to recover from emergency mode and put the database online.



Here I explain how to recover database from emergency mode to normal mode in SQL Server. I also enlist some possible causes for such corruption in SQL Database. Afterward, manual methods prescribed that how we can recover the database from emergency mode to normal mode. But the problem is that this method is not suitable for the large-sized database. Therefore, to overcome all the limitations of the manual method you can choose the MDF Recovery Tool from DatabaseFileRecovery. This application is the ideal way to recover the database from emergency mode to normal mode in SQL Server.

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