Scala hosting Review: A Best Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting is a backbone of any online business. It gives you the platform to host your website and grow it. A Bad web hosting provider can ruin your all efforts and you lose everything.  In this article, I am going to review about Scala hosting and check out its features and functionality. Let’s get Started.



Scala hosting is one of the best and popular web hosting company.  It is a 10+-year-old company that serves thousands of its customers across the globe.  Vince Robinson is the CEO of Scala hosting and He is also a good person as well. He knows exactly how to run a web hosting business successfully.

They are specialized in providing quality cPanel web hosting, reseller hosting, fully managed virtual servers, dedicated servers, cloud web hosting, cloud reseller hosting and cloud servers on SSD storage.


Scala hosting offers high-quality web hosting services for customers who are for a good hosting provider. They currently  offer popular hosting services:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud VPS servers
  • Dedicated Servers, and others.

It also provides application hosting (WordPress Hosting, Magento Hosting or Joomla Hosting) and additional services (Domain Names, Domain Reseller Account and SSL Certificates). Let’s check out some of them in details.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Scala hosting has come up with Cloud VPS hosting. They are providing both managed VPS and Self-Managed VPS.  However, I would recommend users to go with Managed Cloud VPS. It comes with all the necessary software and equipment which is necessary to set up the server. Which means you don’t have to do anything manually.

While in Self- Managed VPS, you have to do everything to head to toe. If you are a casual use then I won’t work for you. However, Developers can use this service to set and start their server.

Scala hosting “Managed Cloud VPS” comes with a flexible plan. Let’s check out their plan and


The managed VPS hosting plan starts from $12 per month. It comes with 20 GB SSD, 1 CPU Core, and 2 GB RAM. You can also Upgrade your plan at any time. You can also buy additional disk space, CPU, and RAM as per your needs.

Scala Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

Their self-managed cloud VPS hosting starts from $10 per month with 50 GB SSD, 1 Core, 2 GB RAM, and 2 TB bandwidth. Additional features include extra space, Cpanel/WHM, Softcalous, etc. Click here to Sign up with Cloud VPS

Intuitive Control Panel

cloud vps control panel

Their  Managed Cloud VPS hosting comes with intuitive CPanel Control Panel. sPanel is the next generation brand new control panel. It is a complete solution for managing cloud VPS services and includes everything that a website owner needs to grow their business in a secure environment. It looks similar to Cpanel.

Enhanced Security for your Data in Cloud

Scala hosting provides a snapshot to take care of your cloud server. The snapshots of your server will be extremely helpful if something goes wrong to your server and it needs to be restored to its former state in which it worked. Snapshots of your server can be helpful to restore it and fix the things.

Performance and Up-time

Based on Our testing, Scala’s server speed is faster than most of the competitors providing similar packages at higher prices.

The company assures 100% uptime and we think that the company has fulfilled this. The servers are high end installed with the best hardware to ensure faster response time.

Shared Hosting

There are four packages under Shared Web Hosting that starts from $3.95. Your web hosting package will get activated almost immediately after the purchase. The customer support provides additional help in case of website migration from another host to Scalahosting.

Features of Web Hosting:

  • Free Website Migration Assistance
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • 1-Click Scripts Installer
  • Free Weebly Web Site Builder
  • SSD Powered Servers Built for Performance
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Scala hosting has some flexible shared hosting plans that come with good space and bandwidth and all other necessary resources that you can expect from a hosting provider. Their Shared Hosting Plan is as follows:

  • Mini:  This package comes with  10 GB web space and this package can handle 90k visitors every month. It will cost $3.95.
  • Start:  This Plan is ideal for small and Intermediate Level Sites. There is no limit on the space and it can handle up to 150k visitors.
  • Advanced: It is an ideal plan for corporate, this package can easily handle 270k visitors per month.
  • E-Commerce: If you want to start your own web store. This package is the best choice for an e-commerce website and handles large traffic. It can handle up to 360k visitors per month. You will get a free domain with this package as well.

Click here to sign up with Hosting. All shared hosting plans run from SSD-powered cloud servers for maximum uptime and reliability. In case of a hardware problem, the cloud server is automatically migrated to another healthy hardware node in the Scalahosting cloud cluster.

WordPress Hosting

Scala hosting is also one of the best and leading WordPress Hosting provider. If you are looking for a good WordPress hosting provider with managed services than you might take a look at their WordPress hosting.

They providing four different packages under WordPress Hosting. The main objectives of the WordPress hosting it to provide exclusive features to enhance WordPress experience.

Features of WordPress Hosting:

It comes with managed services. You will get automatic updates and quick support from WordPress experts in the customer care department.  You can also request them to deployed special mod_security rules to block the malware and virus attacks on the websites based on WordPress and successfully block 99.9% of the attacks. Free SSL certificate is also provided by them.

1 Click WordPress Installer

1 click WordPress Installer

You can easily use their 1 click WordPress installer to install WordPress on your blog. Simply fill up the site name and your desired admin username and password. Click finish and you are ready to use your WordPress site.

Scalahosting provides 4 different WordPress Hosting plans. You can buy any of them as per your needs and requirement.

  • WP Mini:

This Plan is best suited for started websites or blogs. You will get 10 GB web space and can host one website. The plan costs only $3.95. It offers up to 7 daily backups.

  • WP Start:

The package is an ideal choice for growing WordPress Blogs that have visitors anywhere between 50k and 75k per month. This package allows you to host up to 2 websites. Under this package, web space usage is not metered.

  • WP Advanced:

It is designed for websites with heavy traffic on a daily basis. It can handle up to 200k visitors per month easily. You can host up to 5 websites on the unlimited space provided under this package. You have an option to get a free domain under this package.

  • WP E-Commerce:

There are a lot of e-commerce websites that run on WordPress under WooCommerce. This package is exclusively designed for such websites. This hosting plan allows you to host up to 8 websites on the unlimited space provided. You get a free domain as well. Those who are using this package get priority support. Click here to sign up with WordPress Hosting Click here to sign up with WordPress Hosting

Easy to Use Control Panel

Scala hosting provides extremely easy to use cPanel web hosting solutions. Over the years we have experimented with various control panel software and we believe that cPanel is the most efficient and user-friendly tool for website administration. Once you use it once you will love it and you will never want to try another control panel to manage your web hosting service.

Supports PHP 7

Scalahosting provides full support to PHP 7 on all of their servers and shared hosting plans. Php 7.3 is the latest version of Php that comes with superior coding quality. PHP7.3 is very secure and makes your website fast. So, you can use PHP 7.3 with Scala hosting.

Customer Support

No web hosting business can survive to have poor customer support service. Scala Hosting is also known for its quick response when it comes to customer care. They have live chat feature which the customers can use to have a conversation with the desired department. The knowledge base on the website solves most of the commonly asked questions.

The company’s representatives are quite active on social media platforms as well and respond to all queries quickly. They also urge their customers to follow them on social media for a quick response. Phone support is also available.

Money Back Guarantee

The money back guarantee is only eligible for new customers. New customers who sign up for reseller or shared web hosting accounts are offered a 30-day money back guarantee, those who use SSD cloud server hosting are extended a 7-day money back guarantee.


When it comes to a reliable and affordable web hosting solutions, Scala hosting has proved itself as one of the most affordable web hosting providers. Scala hosting has every hosting solution, from budget-friendly options for small website owners to plans for large eCommerce.

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