Smart TV: Everything You Need To Know About Them

TVs are with us for a long time. We all love watching TV with our family. Huge hype is nowadays about Smart TVs. They are much more than just changing the channels of cable or dish. Even you don’t even need cable or dish to consume content on your Smart TV.

Smart TVs have their own operating systems just like our mobile phones have. They are based on the latest technologies and fully loaded with the features that might amaze you. Smart TVs come in different functions and also different price ranges as well. Like Under 10000, 20000, 40000 or best smart TV under 60000.

People are using smart TVs for the Internet, YouTube, Google, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. They are much more than this also, without wasting any time let’s take a look at the things they can do.



Smart TVs are capable of connecting with other devices, the Internet, external devices, etc. Like you can connect your TV with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, external hard disk, etc.

Without the proper connection of the internet in a smart TV, the experience of smart TV is incomplete. You need to have a great internet connection with smart TV to enjoy all the features without any interruption.

All these connectivity options are also inbuilt in Smart TV.

They can also get connected with smart speakers or smart home as well. Now you can operate your whole smart home from your TV screen.



All the TVs are operated with remote,Yes! We all know that. But Smart TVs have the remotes which are smart as well. They come with voice-based technology with this; you can operate your whole TV with your voice.

All you have to do is make a command to your TV and your TV will follow your voice command. These remotes are also connected to your TV with Bluetooth connection. So, you can use the remote in any direction of the room, users do not have to point the remote towards the front of the TV to match.

With voice commands people can turn it off by just saying it or can also set sleep timers by just saying it in the remote.

Internet and Video Streaming Platforms 

internet and video streaming platforms

People love to use the internet on their TV, they do not have to go or pick any other device if they want to know about something from Google or YouTube.

Not only YouTube but all other video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. They are also streamed on Smart TVs. Even you can record a live match and watch it later.

Unlimited movies from every platform, some TVs even come with yearly subscriptions of these video streaming platforms. Now you do not have to be dependent upon the timing of shows, you can watch them whenever you want.

Not just for watching, people also use them professionally. Like in companies professionals are using them to give presentations. Even they are supporting applications from Google like Google Sheets; people can even make a presentation on them.

Software Update in Smart TV

Software update in smart TV

Just like our mobile phones have their operating system and after some time, they get updated. Same in the case of Smart TVs, they also get updated from time to time.

Every brand or company is always trying to give their users the best TV experience they can get. This is the only way for companies to survive as well. So they all are very dedicated to giving an update of their Smart TVs from time to time.

Some brands make their TV update frequently and some slowly. But all the Smart TVs are having their updated software after some time.

Can a Smart TV crash or hang

The theoretical answer to this is YES! They can get hang or crash, but this was the issue that most TV makers face a few years back when they have recently launched Smart TVs.

But now after so many years of existence in Smart TVs, they are not having this issue often. Even if some Smart TVs get hang or even crash, as they might because they are working on an operating system like our phone.

Users should just turn it on and off and the TV should be working properly after getting restarted.

Games, Applications and Screen Mirroring 

Game and Applications

Many Smart TVs provide options to their users of games in their play store. Along with games they also have their separate play store option, where you can download the applications and use them on your TV.

With the amazing feature of screen mirroring now you can even cast your mobile devices on the big screen of the TV. You can watch anything or show anything from your mobile phone on the bigger screen just by casting it and you do not have to take your mobile phone to everyone to show or share.

You can even share files, pictures and much more stuff from your mobile device to the TV. By connecting it with Xbox or PlayStation, the gaming experience even gets more enhanced as the picture quality they are providing is amazing. With the combination of refresh rate, WCG, HDR the gaming experience becomes more real and fast.

Professional gamers love to play games on Smart TVs. These features may vary from model to model or brands as well.



Do we need to purchase a brand new smart LED TV to enjoy all these amazing features? Or is there any other way to have all this without spending much money. And what about those who already have purchased LED TV but that is not smart.

The answer to all these questions is YES! There is a way where you can convert your non-smart LED TV into a Smart TV. This can happen by installing a device like Google chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Box type media players.

They all have different prices but all are available online and you just have to choose which is perfect for you and order it. These are different from each other in some ways.

So Smart TVs have changed our lives in some way and they will continue to change as the technology will get updated. We all must consider buying a new TV or should convert a non-smart TV on Smart TV. For converting all you need is a device and free USB or HDMI port on the TV.