Top 5 WordPress features that you should know

Website development is surely one of the most important parts of any business process. If a business will not have a good website then it will never be able to strengthen its online presence. Nowadays, each and every business is having a website, regardless of whether they are selling anything online or not. In addition to building a good website through an in-house team of developers or through outsourcing it, choosing the right CMS platform is also important and when it comes to CMS platforms then the first name that pops up in the mind of everyone is WordPress.

WordPress features

WordPress is surely one of the most popular CMS platforms that are popular all around the world. There will be nothing wrong with saying that WordPress is surely the leader in the CMS market. You will be dumbfounded to know that WordPress powers more than 59% of all the active websites on the internet and currently more than 75, 00,000 websites have been built through WordPress. The ease of use along with the effective features makes WordPress the most admired and popular CMS platforms for all the people looking forward to building a robust website.

But even with so much of popularity, there are many features of WordPress that might not be familiar to you. And this is why in this blog post, we are going to discuss the top 5 WordPress features that you must know.

1.Using the screen option for showing or hiding things

If you have been using WordPress then you must have seen the screen options button that is available on some of the pages of the WordPress admin area. You should know that you can use this screen options button for showing or hiding different options on your WordPress admin screen. There are many amateur WordPress users who are not aware of this unique feature of WordPress. By using this feature, you can simplify your WordPress admin area and customize it according to your needs.

2.The option of deleting, moving or adding widgets

When a WordPress user logins into his account then he is redirected to the dashboard as this is the default setting in WordPress. The dashboard page on which you are redirected by WordPress contains many useful shortcuts that point to various different sections of your webpage. You should know that these sections are separated into different boxes that are known as dashboard widgets. You will just have to click on the Screen Options button for showing or hiding these boxes. In addition to this, you can also drag and drop them to rearranging them according to your needs.

3.The option of pasting URL for making links in the visual editor

There are many WordPress users who don’t know that instead of using a popup for pasting links, they can choose the text they want to paste, press CTRL+V and then paste the URL. The visual editor will automatically convert the pasted text into a link. This is just one example of an automated process of WordPress as just like this, there are many other automated processes in WordPress that minimize manual workload and allows you to build a website in minimal possible time.

4.The availability of accessibility mode for the widget

Most of the users working on WordPress love the option of simply dragging and dropping widgets into sidebars. But there are many users that don’t like this feature since dragging and dropping widgets is not easy for them. And this is where the accessibility mode of widget offered by WordPress acts as a miracle for the users. The unique and very popular accessibility mode of the widget allows users to move widgets without using the drag and drop option. You can easily activate the accessibility mode of WordPress simply by Screen option buttons.

5.Image editing in WordPress

Another important feature of WordPress that you should definitely know is the option of image editing. There are many users who edit the image outside WordPress and then use it for their website but along with complexity, this process is time-consuming as well. This is why you should use the feature-rich image editing feature of WordPress and get the type of image you want.

6. A wide array of themes

Another very popular thing about WordPress is the wide array of themes it offers. You should know that there is a long list of themes offered by WordPress and that’s why so many people love it. Whether you are looking forward to building a fashion designing website or a shoe website, WordPress has themes for each and every kind of business. The wide array of themes available on WordPress allows businesses to build a unique website. This is one of the main reasons why more than 75 lakh websites are powered by WordPress and each one of them has a unique look.

7. View themes without actually activating them

Another main feature of WordPress that most of the people don’t know is its ability to show you the preview of the theme without actually activating them. There are many users who think that if they will change the theme of their website then it will affect their website in a bad way. These types of concerns are genuine and that’s why we have included this feature in our checklist. You should know that you can test the theme of your website without actually activating them. You will have to simply install your WordPress theme and then move to Appearance> Themes page.

After that, you will have to move the mouse to the newly installed theme and then simply click on the live preview. This will launch the theme customizer of WordPress that will show you the preview of your website.

All these features will come in handy if you are looking forward to building a website by using WordPress. In addition to making website designing easy, these tips will also allow you to avoid the hassle that comes in with website designing.

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