This Cut Won’t Hurt: 4 Points That Prove the Effectiveness of Die-Cut Business Cards

For any new business or brand, to have a strong first impression is of utmost importance. A first impression should not only reflect the company’s professionalism but also should be able to make the client consider you whenever he or she is looking for your services. And one of the most well-known primary ways of creating a strong impression is business cards.

Business card printing is one of the most popular means of introducing your company to your customers and clients. And the more attractive your business cards, the better will be your impression.

4 Points That Prove the Effectiveness of Die-Cut Business Cards

However, nowadays online business card printing services also provide die-cut business cards. These cards basically come in different shapes and a range of sizes. This allows you to opt for a shape for your business card that reflects your brand’s personality and carries the nature of your business better.

Now, this might make you think why is it called “die-cut”? Well, this is because the shape given to the business cards is with the help of a die machine. It is a specialized tool used by manufacturing companies to give shape to materials using a press.

Here are the different ways of die-cutting:

  • Flat-bed- Used for short productions and thin materials.
  • Rotary- Perfect for applications requiring high accuracy and precision. Used for high-volume productions.
  • Digital- No dies are used in the process. Functions on lasers. Materials requiring an instant lead time and economic pricing while maintaining high accuracy using this process.

Now, just saying that opting for online printing of shaped-business cards may not sound convincing. But if we were to think a little harder, we would realize that such personalized business cards actually play a vital role in customer acquisition. They play a primary role in engaging potential customers in business meets and trade shows.

Here are 4 ways in which die-cut business cards stand apart from regular rectangular business cards:

  1. Distinctive: As mentioned above, die-cut business cards printing due to its personalized nature helps you stand apart from your competitors. While others may carry the cliché rectangular business cards, your customized business cards will certainly help you stay for a longer period of time in the minds of your customers and clients.
  2. Persuasive: The availability of online business cards printing has made it easier to give whatever shape you want to your business cards based on the nature and personality of your business, and by extension, of yourself. You have lots of design options to choose from, like flower-shaped business cards if you have a plant shop or own a greenhouse, House-shaped business cards for real estate brokers or renters, tooth-shaped business cards for dentists and doctors, and many more. Die-cutting is a very much cost-effective way of “giving shape” to your business and make your brand more persuasive.
  3. Appealing: Die-cut online business cards are not only effective due to their shape but also due to their finishing. Be it gloss or matte finish, both have their own characteristics. While gloss is better-suited to companies that have a more fancier outlook like furniture manufacturers, matte is more prone to businesses of serious nature like libraries and institutes. Matte also provides for a writeable surface. There are also thick card stocks that reflect sophistication, class, and elegance. All these characteristics certainly add to your business cards and thus by extension to your business itself.
  4. Effective: As far as print marketing is concerned, there can be no doubt over the fact that die-cut online business card printing is an effective and great choice. A perfect shape resembling your business nature, carrying the company logo along with its tagline and you are all set to give your potential customers the perfect first impression they deserve and you need. Moreover, since die-cut business cards require only one tool to give them the desired shape, this saves both time and labor and thus is perhaps a less-expensive and cost-effective option.

The 4 above-mentioned points show the effectiveness of die-cut business cards. Die-cut business cards give you an edge over your competitors by gaining a clear visual impression in the minds of your customers and clients. Going for online printing California for your business cards will certainly give you an edge over your competitors and at the same time increase the chances of higher customer acquisition.