What Do You Sell?

I sell courses.

I sell Books.

I sell audiobooks.

Do you see how easily I promote what I sell? No fear. Nor worries. No embarrassment, shame or uncomfortable feelings. I freely promote what I sell on my blog because I know getting clear on selling allows you to make more sales. But not freely promoting what you sell marks a red flag. Fear muddles your mind, creating discomfort in what you sell.

What Do You Sell

This is bad. How can you make coin if you feel awkward selling your blogging products and services? Imagine working a 9-5 job. Every Thursday, you feel highly uncomfortable receiving your paycheck. Before you walk into human resources and seize your check, you have second thoughts. Why get paid? You feel ashamed or not deserving of your paycheck. Doesn’t this sound insane offline? Why then do people believe it is sane online, to feel awkward or uncomfortable with receiving money for your blogging efforts?

Do Not Hide Away

Some bloggers, heck, I have no idea what they sell and how it helps me. I have to dig, and for a long time, to search for the blogger’s products and services page. Some bloggers do not even publish such a page. How in the Hades do you expect to make money online if you hide away what you sell? Nothing happens online in positive fashion if you hide your blogging business. Good things happen online if you transparently share your blogging business.

Get Clear

Promote yourself via every blog post, video and podcast if need be to get clearer and clearer on the products and services you have to offer. I rarely let a few months pass before doing promoting. Not because I need to promote what I do but because promoting my:

  • courses
  • eBooks
  • audio books
  • paperbacks
  • sponsored post opportunities
  • ad revenue opportunities

is the quick, easy way to get clear on what I have to offer.  I feel more confident, calm and relaxed in promoting my sales offers freely because when you offer something routine, like a habit, calmly, you can sell the something much more easily than someone who fears sharing their offering. Do not see offering something as being sales-y, pushy or forceful. Do not believe people hate being sold to. Do not believe selling stuff through your blog will be hard, difficult, or a total pain in the butt. Believe these fear-filled, poverty conscious ideas and you will subconsciously hide away what you sell, burying your business and no doubt, struggling with your blog.

I can see Vishwajeet is not shy about making money through his blog. Relax guys; it is just money, only money, a neutral means of exchange, and nothing else. Be comfortable sharing your sales opportunity. Be free in offering what you sell. People want to buy what you have to offer. People want your premium services. People enjoy your eBooks and courses and audio books. But you need to be clear in offering what you sell to make money blogging and to render valuable products and services.

What Do You Sell?

I should see a header menu listing your premium products and services. It sure does not hurt to see premium offerings on your sidebar. Toss in mentions of premium products in your blog posts and pages to drill the point home. Be clear, be confident and give your readers a chance to prosper you.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Sell?”

  1. I sell courses. I sell books. I sell internet services. I sell marketing services. I sell consulting. And it’s FUN. When I let people know what I do, I get paid to do it. Until I tell them what I do, they don’t know. And they sure don’t know who to buy from, if they don’t know what I sell. Being confident of your value, means you don’t have to hesitate when you sell it. And people will buy what you offer them. Better yet, they’ll love it!

  2. I sell SEO and writing services. I was uncomfortable at first but now I enjoy it. Because I work at it all day long and feel like I’ve deserved any money that comes my way.
    Though the feeling is not pitch perfect and I still have to work on it.
    I’m still just a human:)

  3. Hi Ryan and Vishwajeet, great ideas! I need to make my products and services a little more “popping” to stand out. I’ve always been a little shy about them 🙂
    Ryan, you go! I see your ebooks everywhere!
    Thanks for the tips and I’ve got some work to do!

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