A Useful Content Experience: What Marketing Should is?

Have you ever visited a marketing content which just seized all your attention, and its content was so engaging and irresistible that you went through all of it, wanting to know more and more about that company?

We have all found ourselves, having gone through a particular website, advert, blog, etc. praising the company and its marketing team. And choosing that company to carry out the services we need. Isn’t it?

What Marketing Should is

Coca-cola, the world-renowned beverage company, recently made open its marketing strategy to the public, which made it possible for people like us to see what makes companies like Coke such a huge success.

So, what really is the key to Coke’s catchy content?

Coca-cola has been quite successful when it comes to content marketing. The freshly revealed information regarding Coke’s marketing will help you understand the concept of content experience. Let have a look at some of the key marketing points of Coke.

  • Strong relatable content such as adverts, social media posts, etc.
  • Make it a memorable experience for the customer.
  • Instill a sense of attachment into the customer’s brain.
  • Show the customer that we care for them.
  • Excite the customers emotionally, as content experience becomes an emotional experience.
  • Reflect the customer’s culture and customs. For example make special Christmas ads, Black Friday discounts, Eid promotions, etc.

Now take a look at Google’s secrets to successful content experience:

Google has time and again defined its secrets to quality content, and given us all an understanding of what quality content is.

By following the tips provided by Google below we may improve our content quality:

  • Avoid tricks and strategies to get into the top rankings of search engines.
  • Don’t deceive your customers.
  • Think about making your content unique and engaging.
  • Never copy some other brand’s content, copying might cost you much.
  • Manage your content for hacking and other such illegal activities.
  • Beware of the spam content that may spoil your image and repute.
  • Make your content informative and creative as well.
  • Make it original, and should reflect the feel of your brand.
  • Send Ph.D. research proposal teams all across the market to capture important factors.
  • Use modern technology, high-resolution cameras, the latest windows, etc. to create the content.

What top brands are doing to produce quality content? Let’s see..!

  • Creating Viral Campaigns:

Have you ever been caught in a fever of some viral campaign, for example, climate change, or women rights? The brand of Adidas has great insight into the whole business marketing and content strategy, for a very long time Adidas’s wise marketing managers have cashed in on campaigns that can gather human sympathy and support for them, like human rights or green tree programs, etc.

  • Customer Focus:

Don’t you like to be given attention? Bata’s – shoe brand – basic strategy is to entertain each and every customer, they have portals on their webpage to answer customers’ questions. Also, they respond to customers’ emails very promptly.

  • Innovation is always welcome:

Do you have any ideas to improve the visibility and popularity of your company but the seniors don’t really support you with your ideas? Coke has seen great success in the last 50 years, and one reason behind its success is welcoming innovative ideas. Employees are appreciated to responsibility for their domains.

  • Never disappoint the customer’s expectations:

When you get disappointed in a company’s services how long would it take you to ditch that company? Content represented on Gucci’s official website will never ever allow you to get disappointed or frustrated in the company, their content pictures them as the best supplier of cola drinks all over the world.

  • Storytelling helps..!

Try to tell stories in your promotional content. Storytelling help attracts not only adults but young children as well. Try to create effective brand-related stories that can engage the customer’s and catch their attention. Storytelling allows a company to retain quite a great deal of customers.

  • Conversational opportunities for customers:

Let the customer express themselves. Don’t just talk yourself, and about your brand, but also encourage new ideas from the customers. Allow customers to be a virtual part of your team. WWE – world’s largest wrestling entertainment company – has highly recommended conversations with customers. Ask customers what improvements and changes do they want to see?

What coulda content strategy made poorly do to you?

Most of us now realize that a poorly made content can not only cause you to lose a significant number of customers but can also make irreparable damages to your long-built reputation. Did you know that….

  • Content that even remotely indicates slander to the particular region’s customs, ways of living, culture, etc. will cause a huge negative impact on everything from sales to brand image.
  • Content that is not properly customized to the customer’s choice and thought patterns will be met with criticism.
  • Adventuring with the content by experimenting with new, undiscovered ideas may also backfire and cause loss of customers.
  • Bad jokes, the essence of an adversary country’s culture in the content will harm the brand name the most.
  • Copied content will, an air that, ‘this advert has been copied from a foreign brand,’ or ‘this theme has been seen before’ will also damage company reputation.

So the final word for you is..!

Try as best as possible to determine what the customer is interested in. What he or she wants to get from you, what is it that he’s looking for in your brand? Why do they choose you for the services they need? And what would cause them to leave your brand and switch to others?

With the advancements taking place in today’s fast-paced world, content strategy and its management more important than anything else for a brand to attract customers.

Not even a highly professional team of content strategists can make sure that their marketing strategy is 100% accurate because you never know when things might go the other way around and hit you negatively. Only genuine, continuous efforts to improve the content quality will help the brand grow and gain consumers.

About the Author

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