1 Blogging Red Flag to Address Immediately

Imagine if someone visited your blog for the first time.

After looking around for 5 minutes to see what you do and how you can help them, they emailed you with the question:

“So what exactly do you do?”


This is the most dangerous type of blogging red flag because no one succeeds being unclear, hiding away and not clearly addressing how the blogger addresses reader needs. Or, without clearly explaining how you can help your readers. I am pretty darn clear; one visit to my blog home page shows I help bloggers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Peep my blog tag line. See what I mean, about being clear? Going deeper, my top menu lists my courses, eBooks, audio books and my About page to clearly list who I am and how I help you through my premium blogging products. Easy peasy. Only brain dead bloggers cannot find how I can help them, after 5 to 10 seconds on my blog. I am laser clear on who I am and how I can help you through my tag line but drill down even deeper to make it super easy to see and buy my courses, eBooks and audio books.

1 Blogging Red Flag to Address Immediately

How about you? Are you just as clear? Or do readers routinely ask you how you can help them? Some bloggers hide their products, services and overall helpful message under a layer of fear, manifest as a lack of belief in self and business. I cannot believe how many layers fear-based bloggers put between their prime, core message, and their readers. Ditto for the layers of stuff between readers and their courses, eBooks, audio books and coaching services page. This would be like Jeff Bezos initiating a 5 step process before you can buy the eBook that you want, versus the amazingly clear, convenient, 1 click shopping approach he uses, one aspect helping him raise his net worth to $110 billion as of this writing. He did not become the wealthiest person on earth by making it hard for people to buy stuff and get what they want quickly, on Amazon.

Get Clear

Get clear on how you help readers. Clearly share this message via your blog tag line or via your mission statement, either on your sidebar or via your about me page. Be clear by facing unclear fears, feeling these emotions and releasing these emotions. Nobody proceeds to clear space by being filled with unaddressed fears, so, feel ’em.

Make it incredibly easy to see and purchase your eBooks, courses, and services. Place a prominent menu on your home page so visitors see what you offer quickly and easily. Never hide opportunities that make you money. Be clear. Be bold. Be direct. We need to know you ARE in blogging business to know how you help us and to buy stuff from you. Amazon does not beat around the buying bush. Nor should you. Get clear, share how you help us and most importantly, be honest with yourself if people routinely ask what it is that you do and how you can help them. Fear manifests as all types of silly self-sabotaging acts, including burying your premium offerings under layers of pages and content. Not me. I am a business, man. I am not shy because I am an entrepreneur, not some Lilly-livered, fraidy cat, blogger.

Strap ’em on, be clear and you will reap the benefits of your clarity, all while helping your readers succeed with your blog content and with your premium products and services. You profit and help readers, and readers get help. Everybody wins.