How to Network Like a Pro Blogger

Networking seems confusing to most new bloggers.

How do you connect with pros?

Most new bloggers vibe from a fearful, wild-eyed, excited energy. I appreciate their enthusiasm but their desperation can be a bit much when they want you to respond to their emails and messages in seconds. Put yourself in pro shoes. Think about how busy pro bloggers are and you never expect a response in seconds, if, within 24 hours. Pros are more than happy to network with bloggers who respect pro blogger rules.

1: Put Yourself in their Shoes

Sometimes I get emails from awesome but uninformed bloggers begging me to respond ASAP. As if someone would die if I did not respond. Of course, I am happy to help fellow bloggers but have thousands of things to do daily. Feels that way, at least. Putting yourself in pro blogger shoes, you realize how busy pros are and would never demand they respond fast. I often chuckle at people who Message me or email me 3 to 4 times if I do not respond in minutes but beyond that, I label emails like that spam and never respond again. Why? Bloggers need to respect my time to move into my blogging circles. Bloggers who put themselves in my busy pro blogging shoes understand that is no way to treat a blogger, desperately sending off Messages or emails in rapid-fire fashion.

2: Give and Cut the Strings

Pro bloggers became pros by mastering the art of networking with blogging big dawgs. I know one 7 figure earner who built a warm, generous friendship with influencers who helped him become highly successful. He patiently gave of himself and his talents to move up in blogging circles. Pros know; you need to give generously and cut the string of expectation to network with fellow pros.

Knowing this, you better believe the only way to network with pros is to help them freely and to ask for nothing or expect nothing in return, at least for many months. Pros need to know you are interested in them, NOT in what you can do for them. Prove you want to make friends with a top blogger. Comment genuinely on their blog. Promote them through your blog or through social media. Buy their course. Buy their eBooks. Let them know your bought their stuff.

Being generous and asking for nothing allows friendships to take root. Once you build a large, loyal network of generous, pro bloggers, business and profits will flow to you slowly but steadily as your blogging brand exposure grows and expands.

3: Invest in Resources

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Investing in your blogging education, learning from seasoned pros, cuts your networking and blogging learning curve by years.

Smart Work Wins

Forget running around like a headless chicken. Stop spamming people. Smart work wins in the pro blogger networking game. Hang out with folks from your niche. Generously help them. Network strategically. Become connected by networking the pro blogger way.