How to Move Up in Blogging Circles Quickly

Bloggers with friends in high places succeed.

Everybody else fails.


Success attracts success. Successful bloggers learn from, study, gain inspiration from and flat out get help from successful bloggers. Try doing anything online solo; you will fall flat on your face. Try surrounding yourself only with new or failing bloggers; nobody has enough money to buy your stuff or hire you, and these desperate, greedy bloggers only promote themselves because they fear to promote anybody else. Successful bloggers buy your stuff, hire you, promote you and endorse you, multiplying your success exponentially, over time.

How do you befriend pros? Move up in blogging circles. Fast.

How to Move Up in Blogging Circles Quickly

Blog Outside of Your Stingy Networking Comfort Zone

This is where FAST comes into the equation. Move up in blogging circles quickly by doing uncomfortable things like helping 20 top bloggers for free today and asking for nothing in return. Most bloggers live in the cyber basement of blogging circles because they fear they will not get anything from top pros after helping big dawgs, fearing they will waste their time. Sprint out of your comfort zone. Help top bloggers. Promote big dawgs on your blog and through social media. Comment genuinely on blogs. Ask for nothing. Begin to rocket up blogging circles based on your generosity.

Create Content Like the Dickens

This one messes up most bloggers. Most bloggers happily write blog posts infrequently but you cannot impress top bloggers and move into their circles unless you are BEING like them. Top bloggers admit skilled, generous, prolific bloggers into the club; everybody else sits on the outside looking in.

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Create blog posts, guest posts, videos and podcasts to be prolific, and, to be seen. Big dawg bloggers need to see you prove yourself worthy of being in their club. Being prolific daily helps you move higher in blogging circles fast, especially when you pay close attention to following the prior tip.

Work on Your Mindset

Most bloggers never move higher in circles because most bloggers bleed poor self-esteem. Some folks approach me as if I am some god and them, a piddly, poor, low-life peasant. HUH! I am a human being. Just like you. I put my pants on one leg at a time, like any human. I do have super human confidence in myself but only because I spend thousands of hours meditating, doing yin yoga, doing Kriya yoga, and exercising. I did these things and keep doing these things to work on my mindset so I believe in myself. More importantly, I face, feel and unearth any residual feelings of low self-esteem kicking around in my being.

You will need to do the same because you only move higher in blogging circles if you believe you are on the same level as these folks. We are all level. We are humans, equal in mind, body, and spirit.

Be as generous as possible to rocket up blogging circles by creating and connecting daily. Nobody becomes popular with top pro bloggers overnight, but if you create and connect generously, expecting nothing, for 4 to 6 to 12 hours daily, you will move into higher blogger circles with successful bloggers, fast. Everything depends on your full commitment to being generous and genuine.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Nice Blog. It’s a great tip to interact with failed or new bloggers because they will guide you honestly. I think social media like Facebook or Twitter are the best platforms where you can communicate.


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