2020 Event Marketing Trends: What Will This Year Bring?

Event marketing comes in many forms but all of them have the main goal of promoting a brand, product or service through face-to-face interactions. This approach is believed to be the most effective channel when it comes to achieving one’s business goals. Seeing how live events allow individuals to communicate directly with stakeholders or business associates, it should come as no surprise that big companies utilize this marketing strategy to the max.

Event Marketing Trends

Regardless of whether you are in the event marketing industry, are looking to hire an expert to plan your future events or are planning on attending an international event, you should be aware of the trends this year will bring. Listed below are some of the vital ones you should not neglect to make the most out of your campaign. Take a look.

Events that are more intimate

Of course, the size of the event in question is dictated by how many employees, partners, potential clients, and stakeholders need to be invited. However, while a huge event can be seen as a sign of success, the trends are turning in favor of smaller, more intimate gatherings where individuals will get a chance to meet in-person.

Events are not purely a marketing opportunity; they should also be seen as opportunities to engage with the brand’s audience and build trust among people. Seeing as how consumers are demanding authenticity more than ever before, these types of events are a great way to humanize a brand and show potential clients that they are not just a faceless corporation. Opting for smaller events also comes with the possibility of choosing some unique boutique spaces that are not available when there is a big audience.

Personalizing as many aspects as possible

Smaller events also allow companies to focus on each and every attendee. Tech advancements have made it possible to personalize many aspects of an event. Offering bespoke activities for the audience and styling the venue so that it appeals to all the guests are the essentials that every event management company is aware of. The host’s goal is to get as much information about their audience as possible and work out a personalization strategy based on that.

For example, big data and AI make it easier to create a customized event schedule for every individual that is in attendance or provide everyone with a personalized map of nearby locations that might be of interest to them. What is more, the data collected during these events can later be used to craft unique follow-up messages and a more targeted marketing strategy.

Implementing AR and VR technology

The development of technology has also brought us augmented and virtual reality devices that can easily be incorporated into various events. While these are not exactly new products, their use is getting more widespread by the day.

When it comes to virtual reality, its implementation is a bit limited seeing as how it creates a whole new virtual world where the attendees can be transported.

This is simply not something every company has a use for. On the other hand, augmented reality is more popular and practical because it can help people in attendance learn more about each other and the company and it works wonders in terms of interactive demonstrations of products and services. Additionally, it can be used to create interactive maps and provide entertainment.

Streaming the event on social media

If the number of attendees is limited but the interest in the event is high, there is always the option of live streaming the event with the help of social media. You’ve seen some big award ceremonies, festivals or Apple launches that are regularly streamed for the people who cannot attend the event.

With the option of live videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, it has never been easier to connect with a wide audience. Plus, companies can also set up a personalized website where the interested parties will be able to watch the event.

However, for this to be successful, it needs to be promoted in advance. If the company does not notify its audience that the event will be available online as well, it will all be in vain.

Keeping sustainability in mind

Bearing in mind the state of our planet, more and more consumers demand that brands develop more eco-friendly practices. Companies are aware that not following their clients’ needs can lead to losing the loyalty of their audience. Therefore, they are doing their best to be sustainable, which is also reflected in how they organize corporate events.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for events to be made more sustainable. For example, plastic bottles should be replaced with glass ones; classic stainless steel or biodegradable alternatives like wood should be used instead of disposable plastic cutlery; seasonal, local produce should be used in catering and all leftover food can be donated to local charities and people in need.

However, seeing as how traveling to these events is what causes the most pollution, many event planners are choosing to organize more localized gatherings and completely replace physical events with online ones.

Focusing on wellness and mindfulness

With the millennial workforce taking over, it’s no wonder that the trends now are prioritizing the wellbeing of the people. Millennials prefer a balanced approach and working smarter instead of harder. Keeping that in mind, we can see how organizing too many workshop activities and team-building exercises during the event can be very stressful for someone.

To keep up with the demand, events will be incorporating more mindful activities into their schedule. In the near future, we will see yoga and meditation workshops, massage stations, tech-free zones as well as more outdoor activities.

What is more, the previously mentioned data that can be gathered from researching the attendees will make it much easier to create personalized wellness activities so that every guest gets to enjoy this experience.

Once again, it doesn’t matter if you’re an event planner or just looking for a way to make your event more memorable, taking these six aspects into account when organizing your event is surely going to bring you more exposure and customers in 2020.