8 Proven Ways to reduce your shopping cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart abandonment is a big issue for e-commerce owners. In this digital world, you cannot control the behavior of your users who visit your online store. However, you can take some steps to reduce the cart abandonment for your online store.

In this article, I am going to show you some proven ways to reduce your shopping cart abandonment and increase your conversions and sales.

8 Proven Ways to reduce your shopping cart Abandonment

What Is Shopping cart Abandonment?

Some of you who are quite new in this field. Let me first introduce about what exactly is shopping cart abandonment. Shopping cart abandonment is a term where your customers add products into their shopping cart and did not complete the checkout and leave your store. Shopping cart abandonment is some of the most crucial problems for online businesses to overcome.

According to a survey based on data compiled from 33 different studies on the shopping cart. The shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 68% which is quite high.

How to reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment?

There are many ways to prevent this big issue among online retailers. So, let’s know about what you can do to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

1. Build trust with your online store

In this technology-driven world, we can find and buy everything with just a single click. However, the Trust factor is still important here. Build up trust with your store can drastically drop down the shopping cart abandonment.

Always use SSL and PCI compliant servers. So, Users can trust your store. So, You can use some of the logos provided by the SSL and other authorities to your store will build up trust in your users.

2. Implement Exit-intent pop-ups

Well this a quite new and popular way to lure your users by providing them relevant offers and discount coupon codes.  By implementing the Exit-intent pop-ups can drastically reduce your shopping cart abandonment.  OptinMonster is one of the leading sources for providing Exit-Intent Popups.

Exit-Intent Popups

Using  OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology, you could present even more targeted offers by displaying a relevant and engaging message depending on which item(s) the shopper has shown an interest in, or which pages on your site they have viewed.

Exit-intent popups can be installed on any page of your store. Which include a shopping cart and checkout pages? It also works by detecting when a user is about to leave the page. It will then send a popup message (with your predefined offers or coupon codes) that encourages them to stay and grab the deal by completing the payment.

3. Offer Free Shipping

Believe it or not? But the stores that provide free shipping can have much better conversion rates than the shop that is taking shipping charge. However, It is also true that the store that provides free shipping have added the shipping cost to the product price. So, it won’t impact their business. It’s a perception among users that they like free shipping and don’t hesitate to buy the products.

4. Make your Shopping process flawless

This is the big issue behind the shopping cart abandonment. Keep your shopping cart visible to your users. Use a clutter-free interface so, that your users can engage in an active purchase. Keep the elements in a proper and sequential way to ensure a smooth purchase experience.

5. Provide Multiple Payment options

A limited number of payment methods can lead to shopping cart abandonment and users not be able to complete the checkout. Hence, providing multiple payment options keeping your users in mind is a good opportunity for you to increase your sales.

Especially, if you are targeting the customers across the globe then you have to provide multiple payment options to increase your customer reach.

6. Provide Guest Checkout Option

You might see that the checkout process as an invaluable opportunity to collect data about your users. But forcing your customers to create an account with your store can be a major deterrence to complete a purchase.

Today many and some of the major e-commerce sites offer guest check out option. You might use that to reduce your shopping cart abandonment.

7. Offer a Money Back Guarantee on your Products.

The stores that provide money back guarantee on their products have seen good product conversions compare to store that is not offering a money back guarantee.  It’s not only improving your conversions but also build trust and credibility to your online Brand.

8. Make a Mobile app for your store

Mobile phones are now part of people from a day to day life. A growing number of mobile users is definitely an important element of business and you cannot ignore it. That’s why major e-commerce companies have their mobile app so, users can buy products directly from the app.

Optimizing your online store for mobile shoppers is a potential and competitive advantage that you can use to nurture your business.


Shopping Cart abandonment is a big issue for the e-commerce businesses and has to be sorted out quickly before its start impacting your profits. Above are some of the proven ways to reduce the shopping cart abandonment.

What are some of the ways you have implemented to reduced cart abandonment for your online store? Share your tips with me in the comments below.