A Comprehensive Guide For Becoming A Respected Wikipedia Writer

Wikipedia has brought a massive revolution in the field of digital marketing. Though it’s a platform that has never appreciated based, promotional, argumentative and situated content. However, due to its enormous reach and massive online visibility, it forms to be a great platform to showcase your company’s worth and credibility. You can win many qualified leads and close some of the high paying sales, by just composing a well-versed company biography or article about your services for the platform.

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Wikipedia has tough guidelines and policies. It’s even harder to get your article or write-up cleared or approved by the official editors. Due to such strict guidelines, it becomes easier to rely on the platform’s content. As it never allows false information to enter the domain, writers have to spend more time in gathering data from the most authentic sources. The Wikipedia writers for hire have to go through several hurdles and follow a list of techniques to come up with a piece of content that can pass through the evaluation borders with flying colors. If you want to become the highly regarded wiki writer, care to read the following mentioned guidelines:

Tips to Win A Successful Place in Wiki Profile Listings

It’s tough to get acknowledge on Wikipedia as there are millions of profiles. Wikipedia is converted into 200 different languages including Chinese and Arabic. So, now you can judge how massive its reach would be. To win a place you first have to create your profile and maintain it. You need to show that you are a dedicated Wikipedia user and you not only extract information but report for a change if you come across a problem. Once you enter some sort of activities in your profile, you can plan to compose content on your own as well.

Secondly, you need to learn about the basic writing criteria and guidelines to get your content approved if you do not obey the detailed list of policies your content will be rejected straight away. Hence, do go through the list of regulations each writer is asked to obey. The policies will be about writing standards, quality criteria, sentence formation, the selection of data and the formation measure that you must take.

Research and Authenticity

In Wikipedia, of all the many aspects of content that one must ponder on, researched information and authenticity of that data are among the foremost one. These two aspects receive the greatest importance and require serious attention. You must make sure that your content is composed using information sourced from highly reliable platforms. You have to look for the most unique aspect of the subject and pen down using easy to grasp terminologies. Avoid creating complications in your write up and keep it engaging enough to attract online readers.

Citation Techniques

Wikipedia pays extreme attention in approving articles and blogs having proper citation present in it. It’s easy at the same time challenging as well to attempt Wikipedia’s citation. The platform demands that each part cited must be linked to the platform of high credibility. You cannot fool your audience by referring to a not-so-important platform. You need to polish your research skills and give them a better avenue to seek knowledge from. Secondly, the standard citation methods used on Wikipedia is Harvard Style referencing. You need to learn the procedure to compose it in this style.

Proofing and Editing

The next most important aspect of your document is checking the errors it may contain. You must be sure that the article or biography you are about to submit is totally flawless. It must not have any grammatical error, writing mistake, typing error, or unclear sentence structures. Above all, it’s important to add technical aspects into your blog but do not stuff jargons in it, as it may ruin the effectiveness of the document completely.

No Do Follow Links

As stated above, Wikipedia truly resent those articles that are composed to bring leads to a particular website by adding a do-follow-link in the content. You are obliged not to hide such links in the referencing section or hyperlink any part falsely. It will make your efforts go down the drain and will ruin the credibility and worth of your article. Hence, never add such links on your content. You can index appropriate keywords to enhance the online visibility of your post by directly applying SEO practices on Wikipedia is the least recommended trick.


Wikipedia has a lot of potentials for brands and companies and you must learn to extract that by composing compelling content. You can bring your company among the top ranking platforms if you utilized the capabilities efficiently. You can enhance the online visibility and give a boost to the overall conversion rate all getting influenced from the well versed content you wrote for Wikipedia.

by Aaron
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  1. Vishwajeet this is a strong post buddy. Wikipedia can be a massive source of eye-popping traffic, when you follow the rules. Key is to be a good researcher and skilled writer.


  2. Great post Vishwajeet!
    Wikipedia backlinks,even no-follow, are great. Because Wiki almost always ranks it the first 3 positions in Google, so getting your link there means massive exposure and steady traffic over time.
    It’s possible to get a link there but it’s hard too, as they have some strict guideline and editorial process.
    Thanks for the post Vishwajeet,
    great read:)

  3. Hello Vishwajeet!
    Really perfect guide. Thanks a lot for this post about the Wikipedia. It is very well explained and very useful.

    Fortunately, I have created 5 Wikipedia Backlinks for my blog. But all Backlinks are Nofollow.

    Anyway, perfect post!

    Vishal Meena

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