Why Wikipedia is difficult to handle

Who wishes to be a Wikipedia editor, and what are the perks of doing this? How you can make time for the activities and what is the reason that leads to a mess; here are a few reasons why Wikipedia is a serious business to deal with.

You want to make contributions of something valuable to the humankind and knowledge that’s good faith, but why not we can make contributions in an ordinary means? Since you are a productive contributor and want to feel a little recognized. You have the seething hatred of the spammers and the pranksters who leave behind their trails of junk contributions and the links to whatever place they go. You might be fighting for good and consider yourself as the supporter against the spam since you have the symbols on your profile page to use it as a proof.

 Why Wikipedia is difficult to handle

You have lots of spare time and have no idea of what to do with it, and you might be unemployed and old with interest to debate on forums that do not hold and transfer the weight of assisting in managing the most used encyclopedia in the world. You may have a personal agenda to keep up with your needs and the potential to carry it through. Since knowledge is power, and you have the keys?

So lets’ take some little from all of these attributes and blend it. What are the consequences?  A fake and twisted troll that is fed by their self-importance that is ready to explode.

The two types of Wikipedia contributors

There are two types of Wikipedia editors for hire in as a general rule

The Wikipedia contributor’s model 1 is the investigators with a bestowed interest.

This might be a harsh time giver, they have established a positive reputation and probably keeping up with Wikipedia through their arrangement of at best ordinary and at the worst the pointless contributors. For whatever reason, they have taken out the claim on a small patch of Wikipedia and find it as theirs. These editors consider them first and expect their contributions to stay. They have encountered countless spammers and poor revisions and are incompatible. The editors will attack any changes you make and systematically delete them. They might even flag and remove the articles you have written.

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The Wikipedia editor’s type 2 is the spam haters with the itchy fingers

Though these ring leaders are quite depressing, I believe it’s the people that are the worst. These editors observe through the whole Wikipedia searching for the things to delete since they spend their time going through all the articles flagged or deletion, they might not have any expertise.

These risen job worth who were misrepresented about their ancestry can’t comprehend what they are coming across most of their time and find pleasure to keep clicking away, that is delete-delete –delete they have taken the service of sweeping the whole site. What if they were not part of Wikipedia?

It would have been boiling the link farm full of the original research and every time; something is deleted. The editor has brought some good to the world of Wikipedia; the standard for deletion is quite simple if it’s been flagged, rip it out.

Why the two types give writers and contributors a tough time

Since these editors work together. The first step is that the initiator with the entrusted interest notices you and initiates causing problems, as soon as he flags something for deletion, you start making arguments with him about the thing that has been previously deleted, like some genie in a bottle and the spam hatters pop up out of nowhere. They don’t need to give it a second thought since they are the advocates.

You can’t even make a complaint about Wikipedia editors

Wikipedia doesn’t work on the democracy policy, and there is no such authority to complain if things go wrong only a boiling collective of people without hope who have created alliances and similar to nothing more than placing inappropriate contributions.


It is right, you might want to play by the rules, and you have created your research. Your revision is correct, and you might have sources to support, your article satisfies neutrality, and you want to contend the case you have completed your research, and you have followed the Wikipedia policy.

The challenge is all of the systems are open to significant interpretation, and there are several rules and guidelines that there will always be something to backfire so keep in mind that debate will lead you to nowhere since the decision has been made.

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