Advanced Blogging Tip: How Do You Deal with Obstacles?

Do you panic facing blogging obstacles?

Do you complain facing blogging obstacles?

Do you calmly solve blogging obstacles?

Be straight with yourself. Honesty frees you from bad blogging habits. Bloggers usually do a poor job handling obstacles by either complaining or whining or panicking. Engaging in these energies saps your strength, dampens your creativity and hurts your chances at solving the obstacle, dissolving the energy. Some bloggers calmly assess the obstacle and think through a solution. How do you deal with problems? Advanced bloggers develop their emotional intelligence to a point where this crowd calmly solve solutions through deliberating thinking.

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My Story

I am promoting my blogging obstacles eBook today because I noted a problem-obstacle a while back; I did not promote my eBooks freely enough to give each the attention it deserves. I promote my eBooks freely in virtually all I do online via a quick link and mention to solve the problem. Folks know about my eBooks now.

Did I complain about my eBook sales seeming lower than the sales should be? Nope. Did I whine about having not enough time to write 100 plus eBooks? Nope. Did I panic into a state of paralysis, being petrified, having no idea what to do to give my eBooks greater exposure? Nope. I carefully thought through a promo strategy; from a calm, confident energy, publishing as many:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • podcasts
  • live broadcasts

as humanly possible, mentioning at least one of my eBooks in each creation. I provide value-added solutions through content, not devoting full posts or videos or podcasts to promoting an eBook, but mentioning an eBook in passing. I create value for people while boosting my eBook exposure and sales. I see it as a genuine win-win for all of us. I only thought through this solution because I vibed at an .advanced blogger vibe, owning obstacles, being straight with my role in creating the obstacle and thinking through a solution

Be Straight with Yourself

Every obstacle begins and ends inside of your mind. I feared mentioning one eBook per piece of content seemed to be too sales-ey to me. Plus I feared blogging buddies would criticize me for promoting an eBook via all posts, worrying even a 1 sentence mention and single link would annoy them and their readers. I created the obstacle of less eBook exposure because I feared promoting myself and trusted the fear, refusing to promote my eBooks.

Being straight – or honest – with myself freed me to own the fear, to feel it, to release it and to begin my prolific content creation and eBook promotion campaign. I only succeeded in boosting exposure and sales by owning how I created the obstacle in mind and would dissolve the obstacle in mind, too, by facing my fears.

Find a Solution

Find a solution to blogging obstacles. You create obstacles; un-create obstacles by feeling fears fueling obstacles, by thinking through solutions and by patiently moving in the opposite direction of what you did to surrender to the obstacle. All of your blogging success unfolds if you begin thinking and acting like top bloggers. Owning your mistakes, and knowing you create obstacles in mind, are 2 chief qualities of all top bloggers I know.

Be straight with self. Feel fears creating obstacles in mind. Think through solutions. Act on those solutions to accelerate your blogging success.