1 Sneaky Reason Some Bloggers Struggle

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If you bury negative emotions trying to be some clear, enlightened being, you will fail.

If you bury negative emotions and suppress frustration trying to be some perfect or almost perfect blogger, you will fail.

If you rant sometimes because you feel:

  • anger
  • frustration
  • pain
  • fear
  • annoyance

you will succeed.

Here is why: you cannot get over what is still in you. But if you get angry and vent, you will feel a lot better and feeling a lot better helps you create, connect and succeed.

1 Sneaky Reason Some Bloggers Struggle

Think it through. Imagine you feel really annoyed, angry or frustrated about some situation. Imagine you feel the anger bubbling under your surface but you fear damaging some calm, cool, relaxed image you painted for yourself, believing this outburst damages your reputation. If you bury those feelings, the negativity grows because you cannot get over something that is still in you. If strong negativity sits within your body and mind this energy:

  • clouds your judgment
  • blocks profitable ideas
  • blocks money
  • repels money
  • repels successful, prospering people
  • creates writer’s block
  • creates a lack of harmony with people in your life

Fear is a low energy emotion. Clinging deeply to strong fears you busy under a veneer of false positive vibes because you fear being upset or angry in life offline or in life online, only fuels negative emotions, eats into your traffic and lessens your profits. Plus you get sick and feel really bad bottling up emotions you need to:

  • scream out
  • cry out
  • yell out

Once you do scream, yell or shout out these emotions, or cry the emotions – using a pillow as a feelings buffer – you feel like a weight has been lifted. Like you just removed a 100 pound weighted vest.

Immediately, you feel better about your life and your blog. Profitable ideas enter your mind. Plus you act on these ideas swiftly. Plus you feel more detached about outcomes, not worrying much, trusting the process and believing in yourself.

It almost feels like you live in a different world than most of humanity – which tries to bury deep negative emotions masked in paid and fear – because you let go the yolk of fear humanity does not choose to face, embrace and feel. But you just chose to feel negative emotions versus burying the energies.

How I Spent 1 Hour Today

Ok guys; I am a human being. Sometimes you observe me being annoyed. Not much, but sometimes you do.

This morning I flipped out on people who work at Paypal for a little bit because of a silly policy. I registered an account with a phone number 8 years ago. The phone number expired and no longer exists. But because I cannot get a text – to a number that does not exist – I cannot access my account and receive money. I need to open a new Paypal account and have the money resent. Silly, right?

I was polite for about 90% of the time and pretty angry 10% of the time. This is OK! I am not the Buddha. I anger, cool down, feel guilty about being angry, then move on. I am at peace projecting emotions onto people – albeit rarely – so I feel really good and do not cling to the emotions, creating a bad day over 10 silly minutes, and move forward happily. Being happy helps me be super creative.

Feel your fear and pain, and move on. Forgive yourself for being human. Apologies to others does not hurt either. Try not to project it on humans but if you do, forgive yourself of the guilt and move on. It happens. When you feel better, shine brightly for people. Do something helpful for people. Pay it forward. Just remember to never bury deep fears and pains because this negativity has to leave your body, or else it leads to mental health issues, illness and all types of blogging struggles.

  • 34
by Ryan Biddulph
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