Are You Crippled by this Sinister Blogging Foe?

“But….what will people think?”

I watched a stand up comedian in New Jersey tonight. He is a funny guy named Bill Burr. My wife and I saw him perform in person.

Last week, we watched another stand up comedian named Chris Delia live in New Jersey too. Another funny guy.

Both entertainers taught me a powerful blogging lesson; you cannot succeed in blogging or in life if you fear what people think about your blog and hold back because of this fear.

The fear of criticism cripples you. The sinister foe scares you into playing it safe and taking it easy, versus speaking your mind and being free…..and succeeding.

Are You Crippled by this Sinister Blogging Foe

Both comedians we saw pretty much mastered overcoming the fear of criticism. Both say some controversial things but do not apologize for covering such topics, because they are comedians. Sometimes, even comedians care a little about what people think of their act but in the same breath, both these guys are bold, clear and speak their mind without fearing what people will say in reaction to their routines.

Some fans become critics after disagreeing with the comedians. Others boo, hiss and heckle these entertainers. The stand up performers either ignore these fools completely or make a joke about them – in real time – telling these idiots to shut up.

I admire their confidence and their boldness. I also admire how these 2 guys have overcome the fear of criticism to the level that they make jokes on stage, live and in the flesh, without worrying about the opinions and criticism of other people.

Bloggers; you have a blessed opportunity to speak your mind, to tell the truth, to be clear, to be bold and to tell it like it is. Either you shrink from this duty because you fear people and their criticisms, or you grow into this duty and become wildly successful.

Anybody who criticizes you does not matter; do not mind them. Give your mind and energy only to people who love what you do, since where your attention and energy goes, grows. Do not play small, allowing the sneaky, damaging foe of criticism to dominate your blogging campaign. Never allow your fear of what readers think of you to dictate and dominate your campaign.

Your blog loses life, zest and genuine power every time you publish a lifeless, wishy washy post, because you fear criticism and just want to play it safe. Nobody has fun and frees themselves through blogging by playing it safe. Top bloggers give 100% plus their full attention and energy to blogging their voice, their mind and their heart.

What will people think?

Who cares?

What people think about you and your blog does not matter if they criticize you because their feedback is worthless; all criticism is a projection that has 100% to do with the critic and nothing to do with you. Carry on. You are awesome. You are wonderful. We love what you do.

Only give your attention and energy to people who love what you do. These awesome folks exponentially increase your presence, helping you succeed as they spread your word to their like-minded, loyal follows.

Go to where you are loved. Blog where you are loved.

What people think about you is none of your business.

Carry on! You are doing wonderful things in the blogging world. Keep inspiring people, supporting people and uplifting people, to reach greater heights and to see ever expanding success. I could care less what bloggers think about me and what readers think about me because their thoughts have nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.

Remember that as you blog today.