Blogging Income: How Long Until You Make a Full Time Income?

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A rocking blogger asked me today how long it took me to generate a full time income.

Years. Thousands of hours. Everybody has different experiences. Some bloggers profit at the full time level more quickly and others more slowly. I hate to get caught up in comparisons because you and I have separate, unique online journeys. Every blogger walks their own path, intimately personal and important to them.

Blogging Income

I spent years blogging before becoming successful because I had to spend years blogging. Why? Spending years blogging gave me clarity, confidence, patience, and a willingness to be 100% invested in the blogging process. I totally screwed up along the way. Perhaps I would have gone pro more quickly if I blogged the right way but no, not *quickly*. Succeeding more quickly does not mean succeeding quickly. One is a simple comparison, the other signifies taking a quick journey.

The reason why I had to blog for thousands of hours before going full time was because I needed that amount of time to develop the skills, exposure and credibility necessary to succeed online. I needed years of practice to prosper. I needed thousands of blogging hours to put in the energy to increase my skills, exposure and credibility to become a professional blogger. That’s just the way it was for me. I also had to fail for a bit because struggling gave me a sense of contrast.

I tired of doing miserably to such a point that doing successful things generously was my only possible choice; no more would I do silly, forced things perpetuating my blogging failure. I had to struggle to succeed because it happened that way for me. Life’s greatest lessons often unfold after great heartache. 

But I am here to tell you a different story. Even though it takes a long time to go full time it need not be 5 or more years. Plus, you can actually enjoy the blogging journey if you fall in love with the process of profiting online while serving people. Please; don’t struggle like I did. Slow down, calm down and begin blogging from a relaxed energy. This is the starting point to seeing the fun but long and sometimes uncomfortable blogging journey through to becoming a professional blogger.

I wanted to share a quick 1 minute video for helping you make money blogging. This was from my trip to New Zealand.

Too many bloggers get caught up in the employee mindset. You and I grow up watching people like our parents work a job mainly to get paid. Work a set amount of time. Get paid a set amount of money. I saw this and thought of my parents. I saw this with the parents of my friends. Pretty much everybody worked a job. Pretty much everybody got paid based on the amount of work that they did at the job. Simple. But blogging was so different to me. I kept looking to get a return on my investment, AKA work, by wondering how long I had to work until the money let alone the full-time income would show up. Rude awakening.

I kept noticing lack of money and kept getting lack of money. The process seemed to be quite simple. But painfully uncomfortable because I finally had to face my fear of loss to clear it. Clearing the fear allowed me to blog the right way for a long time. The money comes. It always does. But stop looking for it. Gets super busy helping people generously and the money will arrive.

 Nobody knows how long it will be until you make a full-time income through blogging. Everybody is different. Every blogger has different mental blocks in regards to money. All of us do on some level. Few people grow up with an abundance consciousness. Knowing this, be less concerned with how long it will be until you make money blogging on the regular and be more focused on helping people for free to increase your skills, exposure and credibility. This is the surefire way to succeed online. This is the certain way to become a professional over the long-term.

I had to get lost in the process to not care about outcomes. You will need to do the same thing in order to make money blogging at a professional clip. Take this guest post. I will promote one eBook through the post but I care little about trying to squeeze eBook sales out of the post. Everything feels like extra to me. I don’t need the money. But I had to take this attitude when I didn’t have much money at all during my newbie blogging days. That proved to be an uncomfortable time frame for me but I got through it. You will need to get through it too if you haven’t made much money online through your blog during your new blogger days, which is pretty much the case for all of us when will begin blogging.


Expect to spend years blogging before you make a full-time income. Nobody can pinpoint the exact time frame but you will be blogging for many thousands of hours until your skills, exposure and credibility increases to professional levels. Open multiple streams of income of course. Open the streams as a way to receive money for the value you shared.

Blog mainly for fun. Even though you have professional aspirations make the getting or receiving part a tiny bit of your blogging driver because money isn’t showing up for a while anyway. But when it does, doing things the right way for many thousands of hours allows your blogging business to expand, offering you lasting blogging business success. 


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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Income: How Long Until You Make a Full Time Income?”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    This is important to know for many beginner bloggers.

    I like the part you mentioned, “don’t compare yourself with others, everyone has his own journey and unique online business”. *Not in exact your words.*

    Making money from blogging could take anywhere from day 1 to years, it depends on so many factors that only the bloggers can supply the answers.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, Ryan.


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