Can You Make Money through Your Blog in 1 Year?


One year is too short for making a steady income. You have too much to learn, practice and master to try to go full time in a single year. Blogging has many moving parts. Mastering the skills making up the moving parts requires years of your life. Not one year. Years.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever mastered some skill in 1 year? Do you know anyone who mastered a skill in 1 year? I have never mastered any skill in 1 year. Being a JUCO basketball player required 10 years of practice for me. Even then, not mastery. I know no one who mastered any skill in a single year. No human being becomes a pro in 1 year because making money blogging requires years of effort. Years of effort means thousands of blogging hours. No human being squeezes 5000 hours of blogging into 1 year because 5000 hours pass over many years.

Sure; you can make cents, or a few bucks, or hundreds or even a few thousand during your first year of blogging. But how often does this happen? Almost never. Even making a few grand is not making real, full time money. Real, full time blogging money flows to bloggers who blog for thousands of hours over years. Plus, you need to be generous, genuine and trusting to succeed. Few blog generously. If you blog not being generous for 10 years, failure ensues. Blogging is energy. Generous bloggers make money over years. Stingy bloggers never make money, or, much money.

Stop trying to make money online in 1 year. Stretch out your time frame. Money often arrives in 3-4 years after putting in serious blogging effort. I suspect you frame blogging like a job. Work for some time. Get paid. Jobs are like; work for 1 week and get paid Thursday. Blogging is never like; work for 1 year, get paid at the year’s end. Blogging is like; generously help people for thousands of hours to gain valuable skills, exposure and credibility. Skilled bloggers with exposure boost their cred enough to where money flows to them in its own time. Money arrives as money arrives. Who knows when, or, how much? Only money knows. Rest assured, you will make money online if you generously help folks. Be concerned little with timelines. Just help people. If you feel concerned with timelines, get a job and never bother with blogging. Blogging does not work like a job. Blogging is a business, yielding money whenever money decides to arrive. Definite, real money ain’t arriving in 1 year, because you have too many skills to master to be a pro blogger. No one masters all those skills in 1 year. 3-4 years sounds about right. But it may take longer. If so, who cares? Take your time, blog the right way and go full time in good time.

Nothing happens overnight, save the rising and setting of the moon. Everything else requires patient, persistent, generous effort. Stop thinking like an employee. Cease thinking solely about money outcomes. Do pro athletes try to make money in 1 year? Never. Mastery requires years if not a decade or longer. Being a pro blogger is not so unlike being a pro athlete. Being REALLY GOOD requires 10 years of dedicated mastery.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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