10 Best Free & Paid Domain Authority Checker Tools In 2020

Have you ever been asked about your Blog’s DA and PA scores?

These are the metrics that decide how much authority your blog has.

The high DA score you have the more chances of ranking in Google and other searchers you have.

Domain authority is one of the ranking factors of 200+ Google ranking factors that help Google to decide a webpage rank in SERPs.

Domain Authority is created by MOZ, and it is based on how quality external and internal links a blog has and some other factors too.

Domain Authority is a widely used word in SEO… But do you know what is this? if not then here you go:

What Is Domain Authority?

In general, the Domain Authority is a grade out of 100 for your site. It is denoted in a short form as DA in various Domain Authority Checker Tool.

A blog with high DA score can easily rank in the search engine results page compare that the blogs which have low domain authority score.

Domain authority score is not a stable score, it can go up and down. There are many factors that impact Domain authority, internal and external links are the main factors in them.

If a website has toxic backlinks or low-quality backlinks, it can decrease. If you have backlinks from the spammy, porn and gambling sites then it will decrease your domain authority score.

Why Do You Need To Check Domain Authority?

There can be many reasons you need to check the domain authority of a website, and all the reasons are listed below:

1. Buying A Website

If you are going to buy a website, you must check the web site’s domain authority before purchasing that.

It will give you a clear idea about the overall health of that website. The domain authority also used to calculate the cost of a website.

So, checking domain authority before buying a website will help.

2. For Buying Expired Domains

You might want to buy an expired domain to start your blog or a website.

Expired domains are good to buy because they already have some domain authority and page authority which makes it easy to rank them.

3. For Guest Blogging

If you are planning to submit a guest post on other blogs, first of all, here is the list of 300+ blogs that accept guest posts it will help you to find blogs that accept a guest post with the high domain authority score.

When you select blogs to submit a guest post on, you need to check their DA to know how authority websites they are.

There are many other situations also where you need to check the domain authority score of a website.

4. Leaving Comments

You might want to check the domain authority of the blogs where you are going to drop a comment.

Backlinks built through commenting doesn’t matter at all when it comes to ranking in Google because they don’t pass link juice.

But still, they start a conversation, a relationship with the blogger you dropped comments for.

Comments link still added as the no-follow link in your blog’s backlink profile, and if you think it is not helpful at all then you must read this Do High DA Backlinks From Blog Comments Help Rankings?

Factors Which Affect Your Domain Score

Here are the factors that impact Domain Authority score and it can lead your score up and also down…

Choose A Good Domain Name

Choose a good domain name that is quite related to your site. For example: If you provide any computer course on your website.

The domain name should contain keywords like – computer, tech, course, etc. Not like “LocalTrix” for a computer course.

A proper domain name helps Google or Search Engines to understand your niche. If you are in an “animal” niche, and you are choosing a domain name for cooking. These are opposite to what your site means.

So make sure you find a perfect domain name for your blog.

If you run a micro-niche, then it is even more important. A micro niche is only based on that particular keyword.

So, try to get almost the same keyword for your domain name, which you are mainly working with, for your micro-niche website.

Off-Page SEO

As also described above, off-page SEO helps search engines to judge your site. Don’t ignore it.

Off-Page SEO is the set of SEO techniques that you do outside from your blog boundary, link building is one of the off-page SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO

Besides your Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO is also essential for your site. Style of blog design, the linking structure, all this comes under On-Page SEO.

A proper mixture of spices of On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO gives an appropriate taste to Search Engines.

But don’t add an excess of the spice of On-Page and Off-Page SEO. This will thus decrease the taste of authority because “excess of anything is harmful“.

Get High Authority Backlinks

Try to get backlinks from a high authorized website with higher domain authority.

This will help you, as when Google Bots will scroll the website (from where you got the link), bots will also visit your site.

High authorized backlinks, make a good trust of Google for you.

When it comes to link building, Guest Blogging is the best method that I prefer for building quality backlinks.

Mobile-Friendly Site

Lots of Searches are done from mobile Phones. So it is necessary to work on your website to make it mobile-friendly.

Practically you can also tell that, from which device you do Searches the more – PCs or Smartphone? Obviously, from the Smartphone.

So, make your site properly optimized for Mobile to get more traffic.

It will indirectly affect your authority as on increasing your traffic and user experience.

Search engines will think that you are providing a piece of good knowledge and experience. So, you will see an increase in your Domain authority score.


Just like Mobile friendly Optimization, Speed also increases your user-friendly index.

You ask yourself – a website that is loading slow and a site that loads quickly. Which one would you prefer the most? The faster one… right?

Thus if users will love your site, indirectly, google will be impressed to know people’s interest in you. So, it would improve your authority.

Increase Social Share

Social signal plays in a very important role in building an authority website.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have a very high domain authority score. And as described above, high-quality backlinks are essential for you.

Sharing your post on social media by you and others will generate social traffic for you, it will also give a signal to Google that your blog has good content that’s why people are sharing it and coming to read it.

But note that everything has its pros and cons. So, an excess of traffic from social media will affect your site as you are not getting any organic searches.

Improve Your Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking helps you to circulate more traffic within your website. Internal linking also helps Google to index your old articles frequently.

Promoting your old web links through a new post will help you, as when Bots will crawl your new post. It will also be redirected to your older post’s link. So, your older post will also get crawled.

Remove Bad Links

Like high authorized backlinks help your authority. Contradict to this, and a bad link will down your growth.

Harmful and toxic backlinks will damage your site. It will leave a bad impression on Google about your website.

Try to remove all that bad and toxic links that are not even beneficial for you as backlinks.

How To Find Your Domain Authority?


There are tons of domain authority checker tools available, free as well as paid which you can use to check domain authority of a website, be it yours or someone’s other.

Some tools are bulk domain authority checker tools which you can use to check domain authority of multiple websites/blogs at once.

Below are some of the list of 10 paid and free domain authority checker tools which you can use to check the domain authority of a website.

Top 10 Free And Paid Domain Authority Checker Tools

Eyeswift Domain Authority Checker

Eyeswift Domain Authority checker

This is the tool I always use to check the domain authority of the blogs.

It is very fast and easy to use domain authority and page authority checker tool. You just need to enter the domain in the box and hit the Get Info.

It will show you the domain and page authority of that domain in seconds. It is a totally free tool, you don’t need to pay for it.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tools is a free platform to check your analysis. Small SEO tools offer various tools too.

It provides with- Plagiarism Checker Tool, IP address checking Tool, Word Count, Grammar Checker Tool, etc.

It takes a few seconds to provide you with your domain authority, MOZ rank, backlinks, and much more.


At first, it offers a free account that has limited features, but you can anytime upgrade to the paid plans.

This tool is useful when it comes to the keywords research.

It finds both the top sites that are ranking for specific keywords and also tells the domain authority (DA) of the top sites ranking against that particular keyword.

Bulk DA Checker

Bulk DA Checker

Bulk DA Checker is a free bulk Domain Authority checker tool that can support up to 10 URLs at a time, i.e., you can check out the domain authority of 10 different domains at once.

Bulk DA checker has some other tools such as bulk Alexa rank checker, URL extractor, unique domain checker, and some more.

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is a free SEO and website tool.

It allows you to check your domain authority of up to 10 different domains at a time.

Search Engine Reports also offers several tools such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, word counter, website’s broken link finder, and some more.

Moz ink explorer

Moz Link explorer

It is a free domain authority checker tool developed by Moz. It also provides you with several various benefits.

It allows you to check domain analytics along with anchor texts, Linking domains, inter Linkings, ranking keywords, spam scores, etc.

This site helps you to know about the Spam percentage, which is very important for you to look over it.

Website SEO Checker

Website SEO Checker

Website SEO checker tool is the freeway to get your result.

They provide multiple benefits like- XML/HTML sitemap generator, Page author checker, social share counts, Google index checker, domain age checker, keyword positioning checker, etc.

You can also use its domain authority checker tool for checking the DA of multiple sites at once. Paste domain’s URL line by line.

SEO Profiler



SEOprofiler is a package of multiple benefits. It is a paid software. You can start with its one-week trial and then can upgrade with a $46 plan.

In this site, you can even compare your competitor’s analytics from your website.

You can check out some keywords suggestion tools. Website SEO audit, improve backlinks, mobile Optimisation, and many more plugins you will get here.


This is quite an expensive tool. It charges up to $99.95 per month (basic plan). But if you apply for the annual subscription, you will have to pay accordingly up to $83.28 per month.

It has three plans- Pro, Guru, and Business. The Pro plan offers $99.95/month, the guru plan is $199.95/month, and the business plan starts from $399.95.

It is quite expensive for new starters, but it is value for money. Digital marketers and bloggers widely use it.

SEMrush is one of the top-ranked SEO suites that offers multiple tools for keywords, PPC performance, domain analysis, site audits, backlinks checking, content analysis, and much more.

Ahrefs Free Website Authority Checker

Ahref domain authority checker

Ahrefs has – 4 pricing plans at $99, $179, $399, and $999 per month. Though, it offers a 7-day trial for $7.

But they have a tool named “Website Authority Checker” which is totally free and help you to the check authority score of a domain.

Note: It doesn’t show the domain authority score which is created by Moz, rather they provide their own score after analyzing domain SEO and authority by using many factors. It is known as Domain Rating…

It is a very useful tool when comes to SEO, it helps in Keyword research, Domain analysis, Site Audit, and this list goes on…

Should You Use – Free Or Paid Domain Authority Checker Tool?

Most of the free domain authority checking tools use the MOZ API, that is, they generate your domain authority metrics from the MOZ tools. They also sometimes use outputs from Alexa, Google, etc.

A paid domain authority checker tool, for example, Ahrefs- uses its search crawlers. Their crawlers work 24/7 and get their analytics.

So now it’s dependent upon you how much budget you have?

Both free and paid Domain Authority checker tools give quite the same analysis. The only benefit you will get on paid tools is to have more features than the free one.

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