What Is the Real Energy Driving All Genuine Blogging Influencers?

I never wanted to manipulate people like some puppet master. I just wanted to help them.

In truth, I could care less about controlling people. Who cares? What does that prove? Nothing. Or, manipulating people through false claims, hype and other forms of BS simply proves I am a fool, someone skilled at using smoke and mirrors, to get money. But if I lose my rep in the process – these fools always do – you lose it all. People trust you based on you being truthful with them. Truth goes. So does your rep. And your success.

What Is the Real Energy Driving All Genuine Blogging Influencers

The straight-up nectar, the beginning, the real blogging fuel, the genuine energy driving all dyed in the wool, Real McCoy blogging influencers, is loving service. Fun service, too. Why in the heck do I write this blog post at 8 PM on a Saturday night? I could keep watching Netflix. Or I could watch the kinda batty man licking a telephone poll downstairs. He is. I promise. Sometimes, NYC has some kinda wacky folks working the streets. It seems to be par for the course in big cities. But rather than ogling poll lickers, watching my beloved Narcos on Netflix, or going to bed early, I write this post because I love having fun helping people succeed blogging-wise. That is it. THAT Is the *it* energy all genuine blogging influential big dawgs possess, that drives these folks to do as they do. We love helping people. We keep helping people.

What happens next? All that help over 5000 hours gives us the skills, exposure, and cred that inspires folks to perceive us to be influencers. Weird fact: influential bloggers simply be helpful bloggers for many years of their lives. Strange, right? Every blogging dingbat wants to hack being influential. But these chuckleheads avoid doing the very ONE thing ya gotta do to become influential: *help people*. Help people, and you position yourself to be influential. Hacking your way to being an influential blogger never works because hacks ignore help, and ignoring help ensures you never develop the skills, exposure, and credibility to be seen as an influential blogger on a grand scale. Or on a big scale. Or, by like 5 people, at least. I am perceived as a blogging influencer in small circles. My 3 cats believe I am a blogging influencer. Beyond feline fans, a small but growing group of humanoids deem me influential. Why? I helped a bunch of people for years of my life. Some vibe with my help. Some love what I do. Loving followers call me influential. Loving followers influence their followers – if they blog – to deem me as being influential. Help drove me. Help put it all in motion. That’s it.

But genuinely having oodles of fun helping is the real deal energy driving all top bloggers to become influencers. You have to enjoy helping people so much that you do it all day long. Then, and only then, do you help readers freely enough to be seen in as many spots as an overexposed Hollywood or Bollywood superstar? Then, and only then, can you get develop the skills, exposure, and credibility to inspire folks enough, for gaining influencer status? No blogger forces humans to deem them influential. But all bloggers can help humans to become influential. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

Dig deep. Be genuine. Do you LOVE helping people? More than anything? Do you have fun doing it? Get ready to be a blogging influencer. A bit down the road, at least.


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