Blogging Buddies Make Your Life Easier

Imagine having a loyal blogging army at your disposal? How does that sound? Folks, who help you? Without you even asking for help?

I just explained why you need blogging buddies. Blogging friends make your life easier. For good reason. Friends who blog promote you, endorse you, buy your stuff and hire you. All activities grow your blogging success. Blogging buddies also add a passive element to your blogging campaign.

Blogging Buddies Make Your Life Easier

I go to bed at about midnight here in NYC. From midnight to about 9 AM, when I arise, my blogging friends around the globe mention me on their blogs and through social media. I make money and drive traffic while I sleep because I generously befriended bloggers while I was awake. Does that make sense?

Anil linked to our interview a few moments ago:

Ryan Biddulph Blogger Passion Interview

Folajomi interviewed me recently:

Ryan Biddulph Huge Step-Up Interview

Picture this, my Young Blogging Padawans. In a few moments, my wife and I will walk around NYC. Figure a 2-3 hour walk. We see this as vacation time. So as we walk around NYC for 2-3 hours, Anil’s readers and Folajomi’s readers read and enjoy my blogging advice. Some click through to my blog. Passive traffic. Both dear blogging buddies made my life easier because I generously bonded with them through mutually beneficial acts. Retweet here. Blog comment there. Mention here. Facebook Share there. We just help each other with no attachment to outcomes. Bonds form organically. Naturally. Anyway, as bonds form, we help each other and our friendship grows even stronger.

The guest post invites the flow your way. Mentions pop up at your cyber door. People generously increase your blog traffic and profits because blogging buddies do what you cannot do. I can only do so much as one human being. But 100 of my blogging buddies do MUCH more than I can do, solo. 100 is better than 1. Right? So…make blogging buddies daily. Be generous. Help bloggers. Expect nothing in return. Ask for nothing in return. Never be like emailers who want to GET something from you every time they lamely and not too genuinely give something to you. We see through these folks because established bloggers field these pitches in the thousands.

What makes more sense? Losing a potential friendship through your greed or desperation? Or patiently building a friendship through generosity that leads to steady, passive traffic and income? Latter works for me, thank you. Be less snake oil salesmen and more generous Blogging Buddha. Be kind. Blog with love. Blog with compassion. Give freely. Cut the strings. Blogging buddies make your life easier because a loyal, kind army of blogging friends expands your presence exponentially and passively.

I cannot reach Vishwajeet’s audience through guest posts unless he graciously invites me to guest post on his blog. Plus, he gave me the cyber keys, allowing me to publish posts daily. We both win. But his kindness opened the door. I offer him passive traffic. Every day he wakes in India, 90% of the time, he has a submitted guest post from me waiting for him. Sweet. One hand washes the other.

Kindness and generosity opened the door. Blogging friends make life easier if you make life easier for them, first. I wrote a blogger outreach eBook for you. Buy it at that link. In a nutshell – or blog post – I bond with and mention kind, generous bloggers. All bloggers you see me a link to, promote and endorse, earned my friendship through their genuine, generous nature. Observe my friend Chayan, and my recent guest post on his blog:

3 Benefits of Befriending Top Bloggers

He expressed a genuine interest in me. Chayan generously promoted me, invited me to guest post on his blog and bought one of my eBooks, too. I happily link to his blog and mention him through this guest post. He earned it. Friendship is earned. A friend is a verb, not a noun. Ponder that one to figure out how to make blogging buddies. Be genuine. Be generous. Blogging buddies opened doors you could never find, or open, solo.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

6 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies Make Your Life Easier”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    Thanks A Lot For The Mention Bro. It’s Crucial To Have A Few Blogging Buddies Around When You Are Blogging. Keep Inspiring.

  2. Hey Ryan

    Amazing post. Yes, Blogging buddies will make your blogging life easy. They are ready t help you in you stuck in any place. Previously i was not much into networking. But doing it from the last few months. It is really great.

    Every blogger should do this.


  3. Hey Ryan!

    Thanks for letting us know the power of make blogging buddies. You have mentioned here the name of Chayan and Anil brother. Both of them are quite amazing guys and I have a good relationship with them. I love to see them in this post. I have written a post of top bloggers whom I follow and you are one of them, Ryan.


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