What Makes the Difference Between Amateur and Pro Bloggers?

“I am not lucky. I just made different decisions than most folks.”

This is the opening line of my eBook:

11 Online Business Tips for Retiring to a Life of Island Hopping

I am not super talented. I am not gifted. I just made different decisions from other amateur bloggers, when I was an amateur blogger. I worked for free. I trusted in the process. I created oodles of content. I built bonds with successful bloggers. Making decisions unlike amateur bloggers who only work for pay, who have no trust in the blogging process and who stingily hold back, was not based on luck. Nope. No fairy blog-mother sprinkled pixie dust on me all day long, making me lucky enough to decide to do these things.

What Makes the Difference Between Amateur and Pro Bloggers

Amateur bloggers who remain amateur bloggers for 5 or 7 years just make different decisions than pro bloggers. Amateurs who never turn pro, or who struggle like heck to turn pro, make amateur decisions for years when they should be making pro decisions.

Choose to Think Like a Pro Blogger

I will give you a clear example; I chose to promote my eBook during this guest post lead off. Pros have confidence and clarity in their offerings, promoting premium eBooks and courses freely, boosting their blogging profits. I choose to promote myself because I am a business person. If I chose not to promote my eBooks and courses, I cheat you of valued service and I cheat myself of money. Makes zero sense, right?

Amateur bloggers usually choose not to create a product or service because they fear doing so. Most amateurs who do create premium offerings fear promoting themselves; guaranteed, most amateur bloggers fear promoting their eBook via a guest post. This is how amateurs think. This is a personal choice, a decision, to be an amateur.

Make Different Choices

This morning, Vishwajeet commented on my live video how changing my pricing for my course for getting featured on famous blogs to a monthly subscription model makes it affordable for everyone. I agree. But look what I just did? I decided to promote TWO premium offerings of mine in a single guest post. Pros choose to get comfortable promoting premium offerings and receiving money, even if this move feels scary and highly uncomfortable, at first.

Amateurs choose to hide any premium offerings most of the time. Amateur bloggers tend to choose to think, feel and act like a pro, for a little bit, but often get really scared and uncomfortable, and go back to thinking, feeling and acting like an amateur blogger.

Pros Help for Free to Gain Serious Skills and Massive Exposure

Pros choose to work for free, to gain serious skills and massive exposure. Then, when they are seen as being highly skilled, and all over their niche, they make more and more money through active and passive income streams. Why? Pros decide to blog for free, persistently, to lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign.

Amateur bloggers often choose to only write if a client appears, then complain about business being slow. Business is slow because you CHOOSE to be stingy with your time and talents, versus being generous and persistent. Persistently generous bloggers make sweet coin over the long haul and eventually become pros. Why? Choices my friends, choices.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Hello Ryan,
    You’re a pro. I will always see you all over the blogs on blogging tips niche. I must say, I understand the simple message you’re passing here in a big way.

    I’ve Challenged myself to be a pro blogger. Thanks a lot.

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