Converting PST Files to PDF

We’ll learn how to transform Outlook PST to Pdf in this article.

Portability is the essential component of any computer file. It makes a file available to different platforms or devices. If the files are portable, you can easily transfer them from one system to another via an external drive. But this option is not available for email documents.

Converting PST Files to PDF

You can not take the individual email messages to another scheme without turning them into a more portable file format. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients for Windows users. Usually known as PST (private storage table) in an Outlook information folder that stores email messages and other objects.

A PST file or personal storage table (.pst) file is a Microsoft Outlook Data File that stores POP3, IMAP, and mail accounts based on the web. Outlook data includes all mail folders and folder objects such as emails, attachments to emails, to-do items, and appointments, contacts, and more.

It may also be known as the Post Office File or the Personal Folders. If it works as a cache for the Outlook Cached Exchange Mode feature, it may be called the Off-line Storage Table (.ost) or the Off-line Folders (File).

PST Files Features

1. Data Access

Password protection can be used to safeguard the contents of pst files to safeguard the contents of.pst documents. However, due to the presence of frequently accessible instruments that can remove the password protection, Microsoft provides very little security. Without the first and last XOR CRC-32 integer representation, the password to access the table is stored in.pst.

There are three values that Microsoft offers as none, compressible, and high for the encryption environment.

  • None-Data from.pst is stored in plain text.
  • Compressible-a byte substitution cipher with a set substitution table encrypts the.pst information.
  • High-called “better” sometimes

2. Support

Several Microsoft users include Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook supports the.pst file format used to store the address book with a Personal Address Book (.pab) file.

There are situations in which users want to convert their Outlook PST files to PDF, but they can’t. So, for this kind of problem, a solution is provided below:

Outlook PST To Pdf Conversion

To access or read messages, you should have a Microsoft Outlook or a PST File Viewer. But if you don’t have to convert email messages from PST to PDF file format. Once you convert PST to PDF format, you can read the email messages on any system or platform.

In other components of Microsoft Office like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, there is an option to save the document in PDF file format. But there is no such built-in choice in any version of Microsoft Outlook.

Although you can still attempt some easy tricks in Microsoft Outlook, there is no solution to convert Outlook PST email to PDF.

Some simple tricks

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Using the Adobe Acrobat tool is the most versatile and expensive option. To convert single or multiple email messages into a fresh PDF file, the Adobe Acrobat tool has an add-in to Outlook.

Additional compatibility options are accessible such as Configure security, encryption, and password settings if you want to save the attachments in PDF files or not.

Note: When using Windows 10, you can use Microsoft Print to PDF to print your email messages after saving the PDF as Output.

2. PDF Printer

Using PDF Printer, you can readily convert outlook PSt file to PDF. It’s a kind of virtual printer creating a PDF file rather than printing a paper.

There is an alternative solution that allows you to get the best solution rapidly. You can find the converted PST file in PDF format by using the PST Exporter tool.

PST Exporter Features:

  • Users can save PST files to other formats such as EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, TXT, etc.
  • This tool helps to save Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zimbra, ICS, Thunderbird, and vCard information.
  • This tool is extremely consistent with all versions of the window operating system.

Suppose you have thousands of Outlook PST files to convert to PDF format then the above manual tricks described in this article will allow you to do this conversion. But you can go through this PST Exporter Tool if you don’t have time to do that. This tool can do your job in a timely manner and rapidly provide you with the best solution.


In this article, we addressed above the manual tricks for converting Outlook PST files to PDF as well as using the PST Exporter tool as an alternative solution. This paper involves the conversion issues experienced by the users. We gave a skilled migration solution after that.