Do You Have a Life Outside of Blogging?

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Do you want to know how I spent today? I rested most of the day. That’s why I’m writing this post so late in the day. I felt sick so I chilled out this afternoon, taking a long nap on the carpet. Neck stiffness and stomach issues demanded I sleep on the floor for about 4 hours. Now I feel as fresh as a daisy. In a few moments I will watch a movie with my wife. I will also do 2 hours of yoga. When I am not in my native United States I can often be seen circling the globe as a traveling blogger. Why? I have a life outside of blogging.

Do You Have a Life Outside of Blogging

 I observe many driven bloggers who commit to this game but make the critical mistake of having no life outside of blogging. Sure I put in the time in promoting my ebooks all day long, but that day is just my blogging day. When I say all day long I do not mean 18 or 24 hours. My blogging day spans 6 to 10 hours at the most. Outside of that I meditate do different types of Yoga and also power walk every single day. Toss in streaming videos from Netflix to Hulu to HBO online and you quickly see I have a varied life outside of blogging. Live a well-rounded life. Get a life! Why would you be one-dimensional when life is about soaking up as many experiences as possible?

 When I do begin circling the globe again I will most definitely hit a few familiar spots but no doubt will also visit a few new spots. I have a rich life outside of blogging which actually helps me be a more successful blogger too. Have you thought about the principal of blogging detachment? The more you detach from blogging duties the more clearly you see and the more effectively you blog. Force negates. Blogging from a tense energy blocks smart ideas that boost your blogging profits. But having a life outside of blogging allows you to seize and use profitable ideas. Readers also feel desperation and stay away. Having no life outside of blogging ensures that you are fully desperate and attached to your blogging campaign. But relaxed bloggers who have a rich life outside of blogging emit a calm vibe attractive to success.

 Get a life by following various passions outside of blogging. Travel, exercise or delve deeper into personal development. Consider meditating. Do yoga. Pray. Spend time with your family and friends. Go out to eat. Even if you enjoy blogging it makes no sense to be a one-dimensional human being in a universe of abundance. I have no doubts that my life outside of blogging rapidly accelerated my blogging success because all the lessons I learned through my hobbies and various passions made me a better blogger by expanding my awareness. My travels abroad alone helped me see things from another perspective. This is an impressively critical skill all bloggers need to possess in order to connect with their readers.

 How much time do you spend offline daily? How much time do you spend away from blogging? Never assume that I am a blogging robot even if I joke around about being a blogging cyborg. I have quite the life once I go offline. I could never succeed if I blogged and did nothing else save sleep because the tension that arises from such an obsessive commitment blocks the creative ideas and prospering circumstances that co-created my blogging success.

Do you need to dig deeper to find your hobbies? Go ahead. Do it. Get a life and you will find blogging successfully becomes easier and easier as you connect with more people on a human level. You have to be credible to succeed online because human beings with human interests outside of blogging come off as being credible and trustworthy.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Life Outside of Blogging?”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I’m doing more of what you are talking about, taking a little time off. I actually slept 2 hours yesterday afternoon! The first nap in years. I also love taking long walks and took up sewing again recently to spend at night vs. watching TV.
    I think you come back refreshed and with more creativity.
    We are the total sum of everything we do so it should be a full life not just one online.
    Great advice Ryan and glad you are feeling better!

    • Awesome Lisa. Having a rich life offline can really create a better experience and more blogging success too.


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