Why Force Blogging Profits through Specific Channels?

You’re dead in the water, anyway.

Force negates. Force is fear. Fear repels success. Fear attracts failure. Power is a different story. Blog with love. Relax. Have fun helping people. Success awaits you. Big-time success awaits you over the long haul. REALLY big-time success awaits you, over the long haul.

I exclusively promoted my eBooks months prior. Yesterday, someone emailed me. He found my blogging audio course through Twitter. He loved the idea because he runs an audio course selling platform.

A few moments ago, I uploaded the audio course to a drive, and now he can load it, sell through his digital store front, and we both profit. Win-win. Why? I did not force blogging success by desperately trying to sell a $350 audio course just because it yields my biggest ticket profits.

Why Force Blogging Profits through Specific Channels

I sold my 7 to 20 buck eBooks instead, promoting the stuffing out of those suckers. Now, someone willingly pushes my audio course through a 2nd channel. Power wins. Power succeeds. Force, however, repels success.

Never force blogging profits through any one channel. Simply promote your products and services but do so from a loving, relaxed, abundant-feeling energy. Success will find you through appropriate channels.

Of course, most bloggers mistakenly force success through one or two channels. Bad idea. This is why you need to open multiple streams of income. Detach from any one channel. By opening 10 to 15 blogging income streams.

See how that works? When you ain’t busy obsessing over TRYING LIKE HELL to force profits through Google Adsense, and get busy creating and connecting generously, money flows to you through the other 10 to 20 income streams you almost completely forgot about.

Money minds its own business, flowing your way in its own time. Now it’s time for you to mind your own darn business, too, My Blogging Sweetlings. Stop trying to force your full time blogging profits through big-ticket income streams. Develop poise. Be balanced about your blogging profits. Bar none, allowing money in through 10 or 20 or more income streams prospers you mightily over the long haul.

Imagine tossing 20 fishing poles in the water. You increase your chances of getting fish to bite soon. Imagine opening 20 blogging income streams, without attempting to force income through any one channel.

Eventually, quite fast, usually, being detached and generous, someone bites as fast as a WWE wrestler at an all you can eat buffet. Yeah; that fast. But you need to avoid obsessing over trying to make money online through one income stream.

Hey! You heard me, you Google Adsense obsessed bloggers. Stop forcing money through one income channel. Open 5 more channels and promote each from a relaxed, balanced, abundant energy.

PS….if you want to know how to make money blogging, try these 15 income channels via my eBook. Enjoy this fun, freeing read to open more blogging income streams…some, you may never have thought of, before buying and reading.

Blogging does not need to be a difficult journey. Sure it feels uncomfortable to blog sometimes. Face fear. Eat a fear sandwich. Feel overwhelmed or scared, or anxious. But clearing these feelings allows you to blog from a calm, peaceful, prospering energy, guaranteed to allow in money through multiple streams of income, versus desperately forcing – and failing – to drive income through one sole channel.

Money does not work that way. Mostly, money sneaks in the back door. I do promote my blogging eBooks more than other income streams o’ mine but I am always on to the next one, so I never force income through the stream or through any one eBook. All about being generous, feeling loved and going back to where you are loved by generously creating and connecting with your blogging buddies.

Be helpful! Then….relax. Allow money to flow through the most favorable channels at the time. Eventually, money flows freely through most if not all channels you establish online. Stop forcing things. Allow profits to flow to you naturally and organically, through detached, calm promotion.