Never Take Your Foot off of the Blogging Pedal

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Something strange is happening, guys.

It feels weird because I am actually experiencing this sensation, this phenomenon, more frequently these days. Like an out of body experience for a blogger. I taught it. But now I am experiencing it, quite a bit.

The more I write and publish posts and guest posts, the easier it becomes to write MORE blog posts and guest posts. I know this to be true because if you practice some discipline, ya get skilled. Duh….right? But seeing it in practice and experiencing this emotion feels incredibly liberating. For example, I have published 10 posts daily over the past few days between my blog and guest posts. Today, I feel like I can publish 15 combined. Maybe I will. Why? I never take my foot off of the blogging pedal. Of course, I take breaks. I relax. Who do you think I am? The Blogging Terminator? A mindless cyborg, blogging 24-7, 365, until all other bloggers are dead, overwhelmed by my creating and connecting? Oh; a bit dramatic here. Perhaps the virus talk burrows into my mind.

Never Take Your Foot off of the Blogging Pedal

Anyway, I am not a cyborg. Hate to disappoint you. I am a human being, sleeping 8-9 hours daily, enjoying time offline – Narcos now on Netflix – and living a well-rounded life. BUT I never take my foot off of the blogging pedal because I build more success momentum every single day. That is keeping your foot on the pedal, blogging-wise. Take breaks. Relax. Ensure you live a rich life offline. But never, ever lose success momentum. Keep successful momentum building by blogging daily and more importantly, by edging outside of your comfort zone every single day.

Leaving your comfort zone seems key, folks. I created and published 7-10 posts daily (guest posts and blog posts) for many months. Some days, I felt like hitting that 7-10 number as much as I felt like getting a colonoscopy with a spiked mace. But I never took my foot off of the blogging pedal. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable, I nudged into fear, and here I am.

Knifing through uncomfortable periods allowed me to become prolific. Plus I reached this space of being able to publish 10 to 15 posts in a single day, between videos, podcasts, and articles. Success momentum carries you into realms most bloggers cannot fathom because most bloggers take their foot off of the blogging pedal way too much, struggling, failing and losing critical momentum. Not me. Lesson learned. Now, I feel like publishing 12 posts daily is easy, and 14 posts will be just as easy. The stronger I get, the stronger I get.

Totally different energy from the whole “giving until it hurts” ridiculousness. Really? How can giving and losing be associated if we live in a Universe of abundance? The more you give, the more you get, because we are all connected. When you give, you literally give to yourself, although it *appears* that you give to other human beings. We are all brothers and sisters. Giving freely allows you to receive easily but you need to keep blogging, to build success momentum and to face fears as you strengthen your mental muscles and sharpen your skill set.

I know you’re up to it.

I believe in you.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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