Do You Honor Your Online Work Clock?

About 8 PM, EST here in the USA, and I feel good. I feel relaxed, at peace and totally in the flow. Words flow from mind to fingers, to the Chromebook keyboard because I honor my online work clock. Working late at night vibes with me. Early morning? Nope; this never genuinely works because no matter how hard I try, I never get to bed early. How do you feel if you wake early for weeks at a time, without getting ample sleep? Not good, right? I am in the same boat. But I bet you feel well-rested, energized and chill after getting sufficient sleep, then, diving into your blogging day? Such is my life.

Do You Honor Your Online Work Clock

What feels good to you? Are you a morning person? Work online in the morning. Maybe you hit maximum momentum during mid-day hours? Go with the flow, working mid-day. No right answer or wrong answer exists because our bodies feel different. We have preferences based on being in tune with our bodies. Honor your internal clock. I may enjoy getting up before 10 ish, maybe, around 9:30 AM. I feel energized. After doing dishes, feeding the cats and changing the litter box, I do Kriya yoga and mediate. Most days, I do not begin actual blogging until 11 AM, or perhaps a little earlier. I feel good and recharged honoring my body. My inner clock loves this schedule. I work effectively on such a schedule. Never follow an early riser schedule because most bloggers tell you successful people wake early. Guess what? Tons of failures wake up early too. Tons of people who miserably live lives they do not want to live wake at early hours. I also know of billionaires who wake after 10 AM or even later, working deep into the night.

Everybody has a different body, a different internal clock and different times for optimal work. I hate hanging around at night but I love working through the evening. Don’t you want to honor your online work flow, too? Have you maybe been forcing your blogging schedule because you read millionaires usually wake at 5 AM, and how millionaires do this because they get hours of quiet time? Guess what? Quiet time is anywhere, anytime, if you build your day around your blog. Even if you are raising a family, you can make some quiet time during the day. Plus you can hire babysitters to free up your schedule, heading to a co-working space. But honoring your optimal work time seems crucial to your blogging success because we work best at varying times of the day.

Listen to your body. Do you feel slugging working online during evening hours? Consider more morning or afternoon work. Or do you feel totally knackered working early morning hours? Work afternoon and/or evening hours. I hated the feeling of being tired during morning working hours, then, feeling bored and non-productive for hours at night, after I finished my work by 8 PM. Now I work well into the night, sometimes to midnight or 1 AM or later, squeezing in relaxation time during some afternoon hours and during some evening hours, too.

Listen to your body. Feel good by honoring your most effective work time slot. Be energized, relaxed and recharged as you dive into your work day, whenever that time is.


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