What Online Company Do You Keep?

Positive folks? Negative folks? Who do you choose to hang out online? Who do you communicate with? Who do you follow? Who do you listen to? Your mind is your spiritual estate. Ignoring who you let into your mind – through regular communication – can have a horrible effect on your blogging campaign.

Surrounding yourself only with positive, uplifting people has a profound effect on your blogging success. Compassionate, inspiring people support you, endorse you and propel you toward greater blogging success.

What Online Company Do You Keep

Know that relationships change over your years online. Human beings evolve into and out of friendships over years because if you change your vibe and do more from love, by facing deep fears, you naturally release folks whom you vibed with when you too vibed more deeply from fear, pain, and suffering. As you grow, let go online company not growing at your same rate. Let go, negative folks, whom you vibed with when more negative, but who feel a bit off now. Never is releasing a former friend a personal vendetta; life is simply a series of comings and goings. Make friends based on how you vibe at the time. Resonance wins. But imagine if you grow quickly by facing fears, feeling fears and releasing fears. What if your friends do not choose to face deep fears, feel deep fears and release deep fears? Your friends will still vibe from negativity because they buried their fears, and, you will adopt a new, loving, positive vibe.

Do you resonate with negativity when you vibe love and positive vibes? Of course, you do not resonate with these friends, feeling increasing awkwardness during encounters, feeling out of sorts, experiencing that deep down feeling that you know it’s time to part ways. Do you take the important step to cease communication and contact with these folks? You better, or else negative folks burdened with fear, pain, and fighting do all in their power to pull you down into the cyber mud.

But on a less subtle level, largely positive but pained folks need no ticket to your inner blogging circle, either. Why? Moving into higher circles and attaining greater levels of blogging success demands you tighten circles and release any semblance of negative influences. Being a blogging big dawg is the real deal, folks. No more infighting, heavy judgment, and negativity allowed in your friend network because although we are human and prone to a rare blowup or rant, any type of consistent complaining, fighting or judging cannot be tolerated. Make your online buddies all positive, loving, compassionate people who serve folks, who rarely if ever judge people harshly and who see the good in everything. Adopting their qualities accelerates your blogging success.

How do you release people? Cease contacting folks who you need to release. Do not answer people. No need to tell someone you choose to unfriend them for so and so reasons; simply move on. Life is a series of comings and goings. People grow together. People grow apart. Nothing personal. Simply life, unfolding before your eyes.


Do you feel like you need to change course as a new blogger? Maybe you need to address some mistakes?

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