Top Technology Trends Predicted For 2020

The most enticing thing about technology is its ability to go in whichever direction it wishes.

Developing and expanding continuously over time, our experience of the latest technology is forever growing. Now accessible for the majority, many who appreciate decking their home with the latest gadgets and using the most futuristic mobile phone will be asking, what are the top technology trends of 2020?

Top Technology Trends For 2020

One thing that is for sure, however, is the trends that were already in place at the end of the last decade will still remain relevant. Through the use of upgrades, these will develop further and the hopeful conduction of research can uncover amazing discoveries for the year ahead.

In this article, we will be discussing which areas of technology hold the true potential to continue trending throughout 2020. As well as new and exciting revolutionary pieces of technology that you can begin to look forward to.

5G Networking

A new piece of technology that has made soundwaves throughout 2019 and that is the development and implementation of the 5G network. Being next in line after the development of 4G, 5G has been groundbreaking in the way in which networking is run and with a selection of added benefits. Such as the ability to download full-length films, in just 5 seconds. Because of its power, 5G allows an intense amount of devices to develop into far more powerful tools to the likes of businesses around the world.

Whilst development is still happening to get the 5G network global, many countries such as Japan and the UK already have the ability to use the lightning-fast connectivity.  It is said that 2020 will be their year of development with 5G, with the waiting game now over, helping to change the game in every form of technology used day-to-day.

Augmented Reality

The development of Augmented Reality has given it the ability to become not only a piece of technology but entertaining too. With homes everywhere taking part in the immersive, fiction experiences through the lens of a VR headset, creating realistic situations that put the player directly into the game.

However, with the approach of 2020, how else can Augmented Reality change?

According to a recent article posted by Analytics Insight, Augmented Reality is said to extend its intellect further into educational situations, shopping, the use of vehicles and navigation systems. Not to mention AR giving workplaces the ability to hire a staff of a lower-level intelligence or discipline, with augmented reality, giving management the power to teach these colleagues in a different, yet highly effective way. This highly interactive training scheme is said to continue throughout technology trends 2020.

The main issue 2020 is facing in order to use AR technology to the fullest, is the price tag it delivers itself with when it comes to purchasing a deep learning workstation. While the technology itself can provide a workplace with more benefits than the simple computer, many are yet to be able to afford its power. So, while AR is said to reach out to further industries, the completion of AR and its benefits is expected to be seen within 2020.

The Worry Of Cybersecurity

While many businesses around the world have quickly decided to dive into the use of the handy and accessible ‘The Cloud’ , technology trends 2020 are said to bring a flurry of fear and anxiety, with the possibility of a security breakdown.

A recent study conducted by a team at Cyber Security Hub showed that 85% of business executives now look at The Cloud as one of their biggest security threats that they could face in 2020.

There is always the potential for devices to be hacked, especially with huge amounts of data being stored in one place, these are jackpots for those looking to find hidden information. It is clear that the businesses using this form of cybersecurity have the idea to continue adding in house devices to the platforms due to the extent of their workload. Yet, they fail to see the higher the quantity, the higher the risk of exposure to hackers, so the threat seems to be a never-ending cycle in 2020.

The Medical Industry

A long-awaited sector to finally absorb and use the latest technologies for their benefit is the medical industry.

The medical field will begin to delve into the use of 3D printing, using their high intellect and high-quality technology upgrades to create body parts that could help change the lives of those most in need, forever. The advanced level of prosthetics will soon open a whole new business within the medical industry, with constant research being conducted around the art of printing these bionic body parts.

The technology trends 2020 is expected to see the increase of development with the bionic ear. A bionic ear is expected to be able to pick up local radio waves and frequencies that actually extends further than the capability and range of the normal human ear.

Autonomous Driving

Making its grand debut back in 1939 at the GM New York World’s Fair. The first example of an autonomous, self-driving car was exhibited by Norman Bel Geddes and was moved with the use of radio-controlled electromagnetic fields thanks to metal magnetized spikes in the road.

Although not a recent invention, the technology that has made self-driving cars possible has expanded. No longer just a futuristic idea, 2020 promises to improve and expand the accessibility of autonomous vehicles.

The race to roll out self-driving vehicles onto the roads is a race that all vehicle manufacturers are wanting to win. From Audi, BMW, Citroen to Tesla, each car manufacturer is getting involved, working to create and develop groundbreaking technology.

It is expected that throughout the year 2020, automatic driving will be taken to new limits thanks to the ever-expanding advances within technology.

Not just limited to parking sensors and automatic braking, it is hoped that through ongoing technical advances within 2020, fully self-driving vehicles without the need for human interference will be on the horizon.

Car manufacturer Tesla, known for creating electronic vehicles have announced their determination to progress into self-driving vehicles. So much so, that Tesla themselves are already

previewing their range of autonomous car that is ready to be preordered today.


With the development of technology ever-growing, 2020 is sure to be the start of an exciting and new decade. Full of revelations and new life-changing discoveries within the technology field. As consumers, we can hope for the development of our favorite devices, yet nothing can be known for sure, especially when it comes to the rules and regulations to which pieces of technology can even be made as of yet.

However, what is certain with the predicted technology trends of 2020 and that is the development of the fast-paced, high powered 5G technology, the embrace of 3D printing within the medical industry, and the extension of Augmented Reality allowing the teaching process to be extended even further. Not to mention the hopes in us all, that the autonomous driving development can extend even further, soon giving us the option of a car we would never have believed as possible at the start of the decade.

In reality, the predicted trends will become that of a waiting game. Tediously waiting to see which new revelation is released next, that is sure to only benefit us in the best way possible.