The Next Big Thing in Mobile Phones 2020

Smartphone keeps on evolving in regards to new features and technological developments and you will see some more innovations in Smartphone in 2020. Presently, the Smartphone models are getting bigger and faster and some more innovations are bound to make the users excited in the coming years. So, let us find out what are the next big things that you will see on the mobile phones in 2020.

The Next Big Thing in Mobile Phones 2020

Foldable Phones

The concept of the touch screen was an eye-opener when it was first launched and now it is the start of foldable devices. The foldable option gives the users with pocket-friendly size device that they can unfold to get a tablet-sized display. Many Smartphone designers have unveiled their new type of foldable devices back in April 2019, of which Samsung is the first brand to launch the Galaxy Fold back in Feb 2019. The device can be folded open to deliver a 7.3” of the display which is of tablet size and when you are ready to carry it in pocket simply fold it to reduce its size by half.

After Samsung, Apple has also ventured into the foldable option and focusing to launch their next foldable device in 2020. Following the same concept, the other brands are also looking forward to bring this technological innovation in their devices. VIVO, RealMe, and Redmi are no exception as they are also working on this concept and soon they will launch their foldable device in the coming year. However, the mobile price list of foldable devices would be quite higher in the initial phase which is likely to be more than Rs. 70K.

5G Networks

The 5th Gen mobile communication will experience internet speed soaring to the next level and this is the next big thing that you can expect in the upcoming Smartphone in India. Samsung, Huawei, Apple, RealMe, VIVO, and others are releasing their devices with 5G compatibility in 2020 and some of the brands have already launched their 5G handsets back in 2019.

The 5G performance targets reduced latency, higher data rate, cost reduction, energy saving, higher system capacity, and connectivity. It even allows you to download the 4K videos in minutes.

Notch Display

Another big thing that you will see in the upcoming mobile phones in 2020 is notch display. However, many high-end models have already launched their notch display phones in 2019 and most of the models are expected to be launched in the coming year. Notch display device is the one that comes with the surface area on front display which is increased without compromising on front sensors and cameras. Many manufacturers are now focusing to launch their notch display in 2020 to enhance the overall screen spaces. Apart from notch display, it would also have Dynamic AMOLED screen and feature mini-lens rear-facing camera setup.

VIVO is planning to launch its notch display devices in 2020 with varied price ranges. So, check for the online Vivo mobile price list for notch display devices to get an idea about the price range.

Integrated Fingerprint Scanner

The technology of fingerprint scanning was first introduced by Apple back in 2013 with their 5S series. Thereafter many producers of smartphones have adopted this technology and integrated into their devices in the form of regular fingerprint readers either on front or back of the phone. This concept continued till 2018 until a Chinese Manufacturer has decided to take the fingerprint reader a notch higher. So, this is when the integrated fingerprint scanner was launched with VIVO X20 Plus UD models which were launched back in 2018.

Now all other manufacturers are focusing to include this on-screen fingerprint scanner in their upcoming devices and this is the next big thing which you can expect to see in the coming latest devices in 2020. Even some of the models of RealMe are planning to integrate this latest technology and you can get it at a very affordable price indeed.

So, these were some of the technologies and the next big things that you can expect from the upcoming Smartphone in 2020. Multiple Rear Cameras, fast charging, waterproofing, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are some of the other big things which are expected to be launched in 2020. So, keep yourself updated with the latest features and also the latest VIVO, Apple, Samsung and RealMe Mobile Price Online to get a chance of grabbing the cheaper deals.