Should You Allow People to Fail?

Yes. Of course.

Nobody genuinely learns a lesson until they ignore good advice offered by an experienced pro blogger, follow terrible advice, and fail. Sometimes, 2 or 3 or more failures need be suffered through before someone learns their lesson….the hard way. I routinely offer a spot-on, sound, success promoting advice to bloggers who disagree with me. Even though said bloggers have failed routinely by following their own bad advice and by ignoring my good advice, the ego can be a real pain in the butt in this regard. Naturally, bloggers who follow their own bad advice and ignore successful advice need to be allowed to fail, again and again, until they either quit or finally learn their lesson.

Should You Allow People to Fail

One of the most underrated aspects of being a blogging leader is allowing people to fail. For example; I may see someone make the same errors whenever they start a new business venture or blog. Either I offer them advice that went ignored or they had not reached out to me, and I see them struggle and fail, from a distance. After I offer my counsel, whether I am coaching, working with the individual or simply doling out solicited insights, I leave it at that. Some bloggers may completely disagree with my successful advice. At that moment, I fight no one. I allow them to fail. I do not need anyone to come back to me, to tell me I was right. I certainly do not want to tell any blogger I was right, trying to rub it in. I have zero time and energy for these BS ego games so I help by offering advice and then I move on and allow bloggers to fail.

This is an underrated aspect of being a blogging coach, leader, and inspiring figure because most newbie bloggers try like mad to get their readers, clients, and customers to avoid failure, bending over backward, doing everything to prevent them from falling. But new bloggers soon learn the concept of surrender. Especially when you coach someone or enter into a joint partnership or someone hires you, 100% of the time, all you can do is offer your counsel and surrender into allowing the other person to do as they do. Nobody controls anybody. Nobody can force anybody to see their mistakes. I often see bloggers make the same big mistakes that led to past failure, struggle, depression, and sadness. Guess what? I offer sound, helpful counsel and leave it at that. I have no power to control anyone and certainly cannot force someone to see their repeated mistakes so I allow bloggers to fail, again and again, if necessary.

I experience no pain and suffering seeing self-sabotage in action because I am quite used to human beings not following good, sound advice that would set them free. Human beings are human beings; fallible, apt to make silly mistakes, and apt to make the same mistakes again and again, even when they get good advice and ignore the advice.


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