How to Get through Tough Blogging Times

I glide through today.

But my neck feels unbearably stiff. I do Kriya yoga daily. Doing Kriya unearths tensions through your body. My neck is a problem area. Tension builds to overwhelming levels sometimes. Today is one such day. But save neck tension, I feel great. BUT…today is a tough blogging day because all I do stresses neck tension. How do I get through it? How do you get through tough blogging times?

 How to Get through Tough Blogging Times

Relax and Feel it

Feeling the tension, fear and stress move along the energies. Do not fight stress. Do not fight fear. Fighting fear and resisting pain cause untold suffering. But feeling fear and pain moves along fear and pain along with tough times. Suffering dissolves if you feel fears fueling tough blogging times. Feel it. Cry. Get upset. Be sad. Feeling fear and hugging pain moves along the tough times because you instantly see solutions to struggles the moment you feel the feelings fueling your blogging struggles.

Seek Solutions

Let’s face it; tough blogging times involve traffic and profits struggle virtually every time. Frustrations, like picking post ideas, suffering through writer’s block and feeling lost about your blog layout, pale in comparison to feeling like you came up short on blogging traffic and profits numbers. So; you felt your fear-pain fueling tough times. Now it’s time to find a solution to your blogging issues. Solutions for boosting your traffic and profits abound. Consider guest posting, genuine blog commenting and promoting other bloggers. Buy my blogging profits eBook for a robust blogging solution to making money online.

Be Gentle with Yourself

Guess what? Tough times feel tough to get through. Who seamlessly glides through difficult moments? Enlightened beings. All of us bloggers living a worldly life are not some sadhguru who has devoted his life to other human beings, being enlightened and beyond problems, fear, or any otherworldly matters. Hey; I am a chill guy who does hours of yoga-meditating-exercising daily and I still have a difficult time moving from embracing my feelings to seeking solutions, here and there. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Do not be tough on yourself for feeling hopeless, angry or upset sometimes during your blogging career.

If I have 20,000 hours of blogging experience and still get a little perturbed in moments, how will you feel from time to time? Pretty upset, of course. Relax. Be easy on yourself. Hug your humanity. We have all been there. Being tough on yourself only makes your blogging job harder because you literally create a heavier burden to bear, piling on to yourself. Chill, relax, feel your fears and proceed to find solutions to your blogging issues, to create a more graceful, seamless blogging journey.

Have Fun!

I get it. Blogging does not feel fun, sometimes. But simply holding an intent to have fun and to enjoy the ride makes a huge difference in embracing difficult times. I am firmly convinced that tying too much to money and traffic outcomes sucks the fun out of you, and out of blogging. Relax. Take a chill pill. Blogging should actually feel fun. Enjoy the ride. Feel fears during the bumps, the difficult times, to better navigate more enjoyable periods. Eventually, you level off from peaceful energy and the tough times are not quite as tough.