Do You Play Small Blogging Wise?

I scanned Quora questions a few moments ago. One popped up and stood out in my mind. Someone asked how to make $1- to $2 daily through blogging. Think about that for a minute. Imagine setting a goal to make 1 or 2 bucks through blogging every single day. At the end of the year, based on this intent, you make $365 to $700 plus bucks, blogging-wise. Nothing wrong with that. But you better be prepared to make a few bucks here and there for a long time because if your goal is to make $1 daily through your blog, you play too small. Playing small means you think, feel and act like bloggers who play small and make only a few dollars. Do you want to make only a few dollars through blogging? Of course not! Who wants to make peanuts when you can make a full-time income?

Do You Play Small Blogging Wise

Raise the blogging bar. Begin thinking about playing bigger, and bigger, until you play big, blogging-wise. No need to set an intention to be a blogging billionaire, but at least set an intent to blog full time, to be a prospering, free pro. Doing so nudges you well outside of your comfort zone. Being outside of your comfort zone feels scary but all happiness, success, and freedom sits well outside of your comfort zone. No one succeeds in trying to make $1 daily through blogging because your thoughts, feelings, and actions become mired in a poverty conscious vibe. Poverty conscious bloggers receive poverty conscious results. Think and act broke, and you go broke, through your blogging efforts, at least.

Think big! Be bold! Set an intent to go pro. Sure, the money does not arrive for a while, but you lay the foundation to make money, to be powerful, to yield influence and to earn a full-time income through your blogging efforts, down the road. Plus, you will BE the successful, generous blogger for a sustained period of time, which feels good, well before you BECOME a pro. Fools believe pro bloggers are only generous BECAUSE they earn a full-time income. NO WAY! Pros are generous BEFORE earning a stinking dime online! Meanwhile, poverty conscious bloggers trying to make $1 a day slam into endless problems, being scared, stingy, holding back and making common blogging errors guaranteeing their blogging failure. But you, aiming higher, playing it big, aiming to be a full-time blogger, generously, abundantly and persistently help oodles of bloggers and readers for free, allowing you to go full time, down the road.

If you plan to live, to be around for a full, normal human life span, why play small? Why not play big? Why not intend to be a professional blogger who circles the globe and inspires people and lives your dreams, enjoying a life of fun and freedom? Of course, you face certain fears along the way. Welcome to paying your pro blogger tuition. But the lessons you learn and success you achieve by thinking big, playing big and blogging generously are well worth a few moments of feeling fear, leaving your comfort zone and inspiring your readers. Get after it. I invite you to think big and to take bold, inspired blogging action. Thank yourselves down the road, because thinking big and acting inspired now pay immense returns down the road.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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2 thoughts on “Do You Play Small Blogging Wise?”

  1. Ryan always writes something unique.
    This is one out of them and this is realty too.
    even I also experienced this I met with similar folks inside Facebook groups.

    The thing is they either find;t know the potential or they don’t want to take action. I’m not criticizing but this the reality.

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