Commit to Blogging and Blogging Commits to You

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The most interesting thing happens when you commit 100% to blogging for thousands of hours. Blogging commits 100% to you. The more you give to blogging over a sustained period of time, the more you get through blogging, over a sustained period of time. Expect some lag between effort and payday.

You ain’t working a job anymore. Business – and blogging – is different. We work generously for a while. Working generously for a while increases your skills, exposure, and credibility. Boosting skills, exposure and credibility ensure you become a successful, pro blogger. BUT everything hinges on your commitment to blogging.

Commit to Blogging and Blogging Commits to You

What do I mean by committing to blogging? Right now, it’s 1 AM on a Sunday morning. After putting in a fun but long blogging workday, I stayed up until 1 AM to write this guest post for Vishwajeet.

I have not taken a day off from blogging for the past 5 years. 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for 5 years, and here I am blogging on a Sunday morning at 1 AM after a long workday. THAT is a 100% commitment to blogging. THAT is the type of commitment that allows you to eventually go pro.

But you need to maintain that level of commitment over the years to experience a 100% blogging commitment to you. How sweet is that blogging commitment to you! Versus seeing nothing happening or straining and striving for peanuts, traffic and profits flow through your blog for all of those years you diligently, patiently and persistently put into blogging. The ratio is simple, powerful and impersonal.

Blogging does not care about your excuses. Blogging does not care about your fears. Simply commit to blogging and blogging commits to you. Or do not commit to blogging, and blogging does not commit to you.

See blogging as a mirror. Success mirrors back to you if you put in the effort and time. Failure mirrors back to you if you do not put in the effort and time. Everything with blogging is absolute, unbiased and pure. Blogging never punishes you. Blogging never “does not work”, so stop making that silly statement.

Blogging works just fine, thank you, for bloggers who work daily for 5 years and still find themselves up at 1 AM on a Sunday morning. Do you want blogging to commit to you? Commit 100% to blogging. Committing 100% to blogging feels fun, freeing and scary, sometimes. Committing to blogging involves making uncomfortable decisions.

I feel inspired now but sometimes, at 2 AM in the morning, I feel incredibly tired, worn down and like going to bed. In those moments, I distance myself from most bloggers through my full-on commitment by nudging into discomfort, staying awake and getting work done. No one succeeds unless the blogger commits 100% to blogging. Worry not; blogging commits 100% in return.

That 100% blogging commitment to you means oodles of traffic, profits and full time, professional blogging career over the long haul. Does that sound awesome? Does it seem worth it, to work daily for years, to be blogging at 2 AM, if you can live in places like Fiji, Thailand, Bali, and New Zealand, like me? Heck yeah, it does.

Blogging success finds bloggers who put in the time, energy and effort to be successful. Blogs mirror your energy and effort and time commitment back to you. If you do have blogging problems, asses your commitment. Guaranteed, you have a commitment problem, and nothing else. Either you have not put in the time and energy doing intelligent, success-promoting stuff, or you put in ample time and energy doing failure-promoting stuff.

Commit. Blogging will commit to you.


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  • 54
by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

10 thoughts on “Commit to Blogging and Blogging Commits to You”

  1. Every blogger needs a motivation like this. Your dedication and journey is really Inspiring for us sir. Yeah, it’s true higher the efforts we put, higher the results we get. Thanks to vishwajeet Kumar sir and Ryan Biddulph sir for sharing your experiences.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    It is the best post for me at this right time. It is just like an energy booster which helps me a lot in uplifting my work and do it in a better and better way.
    Thanks for including your personal touch buddy, it is inspiring me a lot to commit with my work on blogging.
    Thanks again!!

  3. Hi Ryan,
    As always your blogs are more impressive and gives a lot of insights on blogging and their techniques . its quite crisp and makes us come over again and again. Thanks and keep sharing more.

  4. Ryan,
    Honestly, I liked all the facts you shared here. Some bloggers just make it sound like it’s an easy part-time job
    But the fact is what you said, blogging needs 100% commitment every day, week, month and year!
    There’s no shortcut in 2020.
    80% consistent hard work and 20 talent is all you need to succeed.
    Thanks, Ryan and VK for always helping beginners like me.
    @VK, I signed up to your newsletter because I don’t want to miss such informative content 🙂 🙂
    Ram Thakur

      • Hi VK,
        You are welcome!
        I will keep learning from your blogs and sharing my thoughts with you as an active member of this blogging community. 🙂 🙂 🙂
        #Respect #HardWork
        Ram Thakur

  5. Guys, reading all comments. Thank you. Blogging is a big time commit, but is so good to committed bloggers, in return.

  6. Hi Ryan,

    You are truly a gem in the blogging industry. I am following your blog for a long time & always fall in love with your writing skills.

    @Vishwajeet, great job man. Talk you soon!


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