Do You Run a Self-Driven Blog or Community-Driven Business?

Imagine if I tried to do all I could in my own power on my own today, through my blog. I could probably travel 50 feet.

Imagine if I generously built my friend network today to establish a community around my blog? I could easily travel 500 miles. Maybe not today; but 500 miles is gonna happen. 500 miles has to happen because if 4, 10 then 100 or more friends grow my business by promoting and endorsing me and by buying my stuff, I will see their efforts multiple exponentially.  Seems like magic but it is community.

Do You Run a Self-Driven Blog or Community-Driven Business

As I promote my online business eBook I think of how most business flows my way and to my blog through my friends. I generously help people for sure. Building community requires generous effort to make friends. But giving freely pays massive dividends long term because friends promoting you and supporting you around the clock grow your business 100 times more quickly – and easily – versus you trying to do it solo.

Think We Not I

I think we before I begin my blogging day because we grow our businesses faster than trying to do it solo. I could write 10 posts and publish each to Blogging From Paradise today. Easier deal to publish about 4-5 guest posts daily to varying blogs plus publishing 4-5 to my blog. Why? Leveraging. Vishwajeet and I bond more deeply through each guest post. We cross promote each other to grow our online businesses through the concept of establishing a community.

Build a community by thinking of all folks you can help today through genuine blog commenting, through cross-promoting via blogs and social and by just answering people’s questions for free. If you generously bring people along for the ride by helping bloggers, many bloggers help you. Bloggers helping you grows your online business long-term because imagine a small, loyal army buying your stuff, promoting you, commenting on your blog and expanding your reach? Total no brainer.

Use the Key of Generosity

I benefit guest posting on Vishwajeet’s blog; I promote my eBooks, courses and insight, through my content. But I intend to generously help my friend by driving passive traffic to his blog, too. Free traffic, at that. Picture him waking to a fresh, new guest post waiting in his backoffice. He fixes it up with some formatting and a few minutes later, publishes the post. Sweet deal for him too, right? No blogger turns down quality, free, passive blog traffic via a guest post.

Generosity is the key that opens community-building doors because bloggers I generously help tend to grow my business through promotion, endorsements or by buying what I offer.

Simple Process But See it through

Simple process here; help people and expect nothing. But see it through if fears arise in mind. Bloggers complain how networking does not work because said bloggers tried networking for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Others try it for 5 months before quitting. Fear of not getting anything in return invaded their mind after those periods; fools panic and quit networking, forever struggling. Generous, abundant, future successes sit with fears, allow the fears to pass and keep networking.

See it through. I love taking a nap like I did today and seeing my community promoting my eBooks, courses and blog posts on waking. Communities allow you to have a life. Build business via referral marketing. Or build business passively, through the love and support of your community.

Give freely, receive easily. Your business grows leaps and bounds with community growth but being generous spurned community growth in the first place.

Who have you helped today with no expectations?

Answer honestly to stoke the fire under your community building efforts.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

1 thought on “Do You Run a Self-Driven Blog or Community-Driven Business?”

  1. Hi Ryan – Yes, you clearly show us in this post how we are part of a community and not just on an island somewhere blogging away by ourselves. This concept can take a while to understand as one begins their blogging journey. I know it took me some time to understand it. Once you do, it frees you and helps you to help others freely and easily. It’s like any relationshipi, a two way street filled with give and take.
    You do amaze me with all your guest posts everywhere!
    I hope you both have a great day and rest of the week!

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