Why Pitching Strangers Does Not Work in Blogging

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In order to get featured on top blogs you need to generously build relationships with top bloggers. Why would a top blogger trust you over thousands of other blogging strangers they meet over their careers? No established blogger has any reason to trust you, your blog, your product or your service until you build a strong bond with the blogger based on your generosity. Maybe, after building bonds, top bloggers take a look at your product or service. You have to earn that right though, by paying your relationship building dues. You will never get a look through a cold, stranger pitch.

Why Pitching Strangers Does Not Work in Blogging

A few moments ago I saw a similar sight often observed in my email inbox or via Messenger; a stranger asked me to review their app. I have no idea who this person is, or, how credible they are. How could I? Strangers are strangers for a reason; you do not know them. Fear makes you do silly stuff; namely, you cold pitch a stranger blogger as a stranger and bizarrely expect the stranger to trust you because you offer your word. What is your word? Why trust it? Why do you stand out from thousands of other strangers who offer a similar approach? Are you lazy, greedy or desperate? Why have I not heard of you? Your product cannot be helpful or beneficial if you need to pitch pure strangers to write reviews, because if it WERE a highly valuable, beneficial product, sales and reviews and profits would flow to you freely through your generous blogger buddy network.

But you are on the outside, looking-in. This is why cold pitching strangers does not work.

Outside Looking In

Bloggers tell me they are “looking for reviews” or “looking for business” or “looking for traffic”. DUH; so are 20 million bloggers online. Do you see how being afraid to build friendships goads you to do unintelligent, mindless stuff, like asking an absolute stranger to trust you enough to review your app, if they have no idea who you are, what you know and what your app does, and, if it even does it?

Vibing from an energy of fear, scarcity and mindlessness, strangers cold pitching actually believe established, pro bloggers have time to vet pitches from complete strangers when said pros have seen such pitches thousands of times. Do you know what happens? 99% of the time, top pros trash your emails. Perhaps you get a sponsored post offer if the blogger likes your product enough to dig deeper. But literally, zero percent of the time, will you get a free review from a top blogger by cold pitching a stranger because they do not know you, trust you or care for you like they care for their trusted, generous friends.

Build Relationships

You are low man on the blogging totem poll. Humble yourself. You need to work, to earn credibility and to build friendships with top bloggers.

Promote top bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Expect nothing. Ask for nothing. Pay your dues. Get on the inside. Be in the tribe. Join the successful blogger club, even before you succeed.

Build relationships with pro bloggers.

Stop being on the outside, looking in.