1 Confusing Aspect of Blogging Income Streams

Do you pore over income stream choices for your blog?

I have to clue you in; you make a big time mistake. Give little attention and energy to income stream selection. Why? Income streams are just receiving channels for the creating and connecting you engaged in, for months. Streams are passive and useless in and of themselves because the blogger associated to the streams earns the income. Do you understand what I mean?

1 Confusing Aspect of Blogging Income Streams

Imagine you come across an eBook on Amazon. Looks interesting. Some unknown blogger shares 10 income streams for bloggers to explore. Sure the title catches your eye. Consider buying it? Yeah. But you do not pull the trigger and buy the eBook because you cannot find anything online about the blogger who wrote the eBook. Seems non-existent. He runs a blog but only published 7 posts? Really? I thought he said he was a blogger?

Since you do not trust the blogger, the blogger does not make money through the eBook income stream. Did the eBook income stream fail the blogger? Nope. The blogger failed himself by not creating and connecting generously to build his skills and to increase his exposure.

Now imagine you come across my eBook on Amazon:

15 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Ryan Biddulph wrote it. Instantly, my name establishes credibility in many blogging circles. Why? I spent years creating and connecting freely to increase my skills and to expand my exposure. Someone buys the eBook not based on the eBook so much as based on me, my name, my credibility and the niche I carved out for myself during my 10 years online.

Can you see this confusing aspect of blogging income streams? Bloggers believe falsely that income streams make money. Not true. Bloggers make money THROUGH income streams based on their generous effort over a sustained period of time. The income stream is just a receiving channel. When I sell a copy of the eBook above, the eBook did not sell itself. My knowledge in the eBook and name attached to the eBook sold the eBook. Building up the knowledge and name required years of generous service.

Yet you have new bloggers with no names, no knowledge, no practice, no skills and no network, desperately pinning all their hopes on “Google Adsense to make them money”. Good luck with that one; you are guaranteed to make 0 dollars, even if you opened 10,000 income streams as a new blogger. Why? Income streams are just receiving channels for money based on the months and years of generous effort you put into your blogging gig.

Income streams simply mirror back your generous practice, service, creating, connecting and trust, to you. Do not get confused by the idea that opening a specific income stream will have a miraculous effect on your income. No; it won’t. The miraculous income boost is never a miraculous, quick income boost. Income increases occur slowly and steadily in proportion to your generous service, trust in the process and pure detachment – or close to pure detachment – from money outcomes.

Income Streams Are Just Receiving Channels

Income streams are passive receiving channels that steadily become more active as your generosity increases.

Does that make sense?

Income flows to you based on your service, generosity, trust, creating and connecting. In essence, YOU are the blogging income because people buy your stuff or hire you based on how freely you help people and how clear you are on allowing money to flow to you.