How to Do Business with US Bloggers to Make More Money

After fielding a few sponsored post requests today I wanted to help bloggers and business people understand how to successfully do business with US bloggers to make more money.

I circle the globe but am a United States citizen. I do business with a fair amount of bloggers from outside the USA. I also turn down business from a fair amount of bloggers outside of the United States.

How to Do Business with US Bloggers to Make More Money

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Many bloggers in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Africa are highly skilled but see US bloggers as experts or authorities, which in some cases, is not true. You may be just as much of an expert as they are experts. Buy and read this eBook if you have little experience blogging or if you need to own your expert status, to network with top bloggers and to see more blogging success.

Follow these tips to profit through your business bonds with US-based bloggers.

Respect United States Law to Do Business with US Bloggers

The United States is a wealthy nation with many powerful bloggers because we are seen through trusting, credible eyes the world around. Why? We have many serious laws that are strictly enforced to ensure we tell the truth, to guarantee our transparency and to enhance our credibility. We need to be honest or get into legal trouble. Simple as that.

A few people from developing nations asked me if I would place sponsored posts with no sponsored post disclosure. Asking this question is thinking like a poor person; “I am afraid nobody will click the link if people know you are getting paid for it.” Guys; the USA did not become a rich, powerful nation because people ignore folks who get paid for doing stuff. It is just money. It is only money. Plus US bloggers will not break a Federal Trade Commission disclosure law just to ensure your clients feel good about non-disclosure.

Respect US law. Never ask a US blogger to break US laws just so your client can avoid disclosure. Most bloggers will ignore your pitch and some angry bloggers will call you an idiot. Would you go to prison or pay a $1000 USD fine just to make sure a client feels good about not disclosing a sponsored post or ad? No, you would not.

Do business with bloggers from a wealthy nation where money changes hands freely by respecting their laws and you will make more money through your partnership.

Respect United States Cost of Living to Make More Money

I am more lenient with sponsored post and ad pricing these days, but in New Jersey, I do not pay $1.50 for a HUGE bag of fruit, like I did during my trip to Kovalam, India. For a big bag of fruit, I pay $10 to $20 or more in New Jersey, depending on the fruit.

Indian bloggers; talk to people who have Indian-American relatives in Edison and Sayreville, New Jersey. I spend time in both towns and literally, tens of thousands of Indian-Americans in both towns. As of 2010, there was nearly 300,000 Indian-Americans in New Jersey. Guess what? These folks know New Jersey is one of the most expensive states to live in, in one of the richest nations on earth. They too would laugh at a $2 sponsored post, 25 post bulk discount.

Do you want to access that wealthy, prospering market? Pay up to play up. You cannot connect with wealthy bloggers and wealthy audiences by trying to bargain for a $1 sponsored post, in most cases. If I see a skilled writer who publishes helpful content for my readers, I may accept a cheap sponsored post, but most US bloggers won’t. Plus I never do bulk-volume discounts because that is a poor person approach; I have been pretty poor, and care not to do that again, so I ignore poverty conscious pitches.

Pay up to play up. Respect US laws.

Make money by doing business with US-based bloggers, wherever you are on earth.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

3 thoughts on “How to Do Business with US Bloggers to Make More Money”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I’ve noticed sponsored posts going away of late. Is this a new trend or what’s up with that? I do not put the language in each post if it is sponsored but I do have it on the footer area and on other pages of my site etc. If I do have an affilaite link I usually let them know in a post that I am an affiliate for the product which I am not for many at the moment. I’m very picky about them.
    I love the ads Vishwajeet has on this blog, they are relevant to me and that is unusual too. So many bloggers today have ads everywhere that are annoying! I like his layout here.
    So I love your point about how much things cost here in the United States compared to other countries, that point is RIGHT ON!
    Thanks for making that a major point here. No sense in spending hours for pennies. Not a way to run a business!
    I hope you both have a great day and weekend ahead.

    • I still do see a handful of sponsored posts Lisa. Your disclosures are seamless; I did not even notice them. That is the way to cover yourself legally and create a fab experience for readers.

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